4 Methods To Make Your Business More Responsible

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For many entrepreneurs, running a business isn’t all about the bottom line; it is also about giving back to the community and other charitable causes. And the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Consumers tend to trust companies which have a high level of social responsibility and therefore their profits increase naturally. To give you a kickstart, here are five basic ways that you can change to run a more socially responsible business that you can look at implementing today.

Create a Mission and Establish Goals

Aligning yourself to a particular cause is a great way to give your business a purpose. It should become part of your company DNA and a cause that you are your staff wholeheartedly support. You may have a chosen charity and set yourself a particular donation target to reach every month. You may be looking to run a completely environmentally friendly company through recycling programs and responsible commercial waste disposal. Whatever your mission, you should seek to regularly communicate it with your staff and customers alike. Setting yourself attainable goals is a great way to motivate people into achieving your aims.

Employ Responsible Staff Members

If you are looking to create a more responsible business in general, it makes sense that you employ responsible staff members. So, rather than simply focusing on ambition, you should also look what sort of other activities they are involved in. This way, you are all much more likely to be on the same page and it will be a good fit between employer and employee, which is so important in creating a harmonious business environment.

Establish Charity Rewards and Bonuses

Nothing helps to get people more motivated than the prospect of a reward or bonus, so you could try offering incentives that encourage people to meet your aims. For example, you could offer the whole team something like a trip out together or even an extra day of holiday if they hit a certain fundraising target. Alternatively, you could offer a reward if a member of staff has an idea that you implement regarding environmental stability.

Collaborate with Similar Organisations

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As a responsible business yourselves, it makes sense that you collaborate with other companies which have similar ambitions and value to you. For example, your policy may be to only work with local suppliers to show that you are committed to supporting the surrounding community. Creating your own network of socially responsible businesses is an impressive sign for all types of potential client.

Running a business that does more than just generate profit is something that you should look to be doing. Not only will you be supporting some valuable causes, you will also help to show customers that you have values and morals. In an increasingly competitive consumer world, people are becoming more and more choosy about where they buy their goods and services so this may be what differentiates you from your competition and helps you to stand out from the crowd.


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