5 Tips For A Successful Trade Show

Small business, big business, it doesn’t matter: whatever the size, trade shows should be an essential aspect of your business. They’re cost effective, allow to you engage with interested parties face to face, and can function as a terrific way to market your product or service. However, it’s not just about turning up and waiting for all the benefits to roll in shortly after. Executing a perfect trade show takes time and effort. Below, we’ve put together five tips that will make sure your exhibition brings you plenty of new sales leads for when you return home and long-term success.


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Be Well Prepared

OK, it’ll hopefully come as no surprise that you can’t just throw together your trade show the week before the event is to take place. You should start your planning many months before, outlining your sales pitch, your target, how your exhibition will look, and so on. Getting your stall all arranged is one thing, but remember that you also need to get all your materials to the event, and also maybe figure out accommodation, staff requests, and so on.

Well-Trained Staff

You’ll want your brightest and best staff members on hand to talk with the public, and they’ll need to be trained on exactly what’s expected of them. When it comes to picking which staff members will represent your company at the trade show, it’s important to bear in mind a few considerations. You’ll want staff who have been working for you for a while and know your company inside out. Also, it’s best to have outgoing personalities; there’s nothing wrong with quiet people, but you have to make sure they’ll want to be there and will have the energy to speak with people all day long.

Visitor Engagement

When your booth is all set up, it’s all about visitor engagement. This is a tricky balance to strike because you have to bridge the gap between being too eager to speak to visitors and not being eager enough. Letting people approach your booth and letting them know you’re there if they have any questions is a solid start. If they do want to talk, then your staff can fully engage and give their pitch and whatever other approaches you have developed.

Bring the Fun

Getting people to visit your booth shouldn’t be a problem: getting them to stay long enough for you to talk to them properly is the difficult part. As such, you need your booth to be fun. All the best ones are. Have custom promotional materials made by www.bluebeeprinting.com and hand them out to your visitors. They’re fun, but crucially they’ll also be a way for visitors to take your company branding home with them.

Following Up

After a fun trade show event, the real work begins: following up on the connections you made during the day. It is here where you’ll really be able to tell just how successful the day was. There’s a fine balance to getting your follow up just right, so take into consideration the advice over at http://spearmarketing.com/blog/10-tips.

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