Clever Branding Tips For Your Home Business

As a small company, you need to look big. Small companies have a fight on their hands to be seen in the business world, and when you run a business online from home, your online presence needs to be on point. Branding your business is so much more than just your logo, and if you believe that the logo is what matters the most you may as well shut up shop and find something else to do. The logo and name you have may be a huge part of it all, but it’s not everything. The brand you have will cover your name, your colours, your symbols and your marketing materials that you choose to use. Without your brand, you cannot attract customers or keep the loyal clients who work with you the most. A good brand image can get across to people what your company can do. Flexing your business muscles and showing the world what you can do is so important for a small, home business and understanding how you can make your brand stand out is key!

Smaller businesses, especially those that are run from home, need to have clever brand strategies to do well. With our tips, you can ensure that your brand is as big as can be!

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It starts with a name. Your brand recognition is going to start with a name that stands out. The logo that goes along with it should be one you are 100% happy with, as revamping a logo can cost you a lot of money later on. Of course, you could teach yourself how to do your own branding with Adobe training resources and save yourself some money. Either way, you need to create a brand name and logo that everyone will recognise. Think about the Golden Arches of McDonald’s – simple, bright and everyone knows it! People should be able to identify you just by looking at your logo, which is why it’s so vital!

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Your message should pop. Within your brand, you have to be able to tell the world that what you do is unique to your competition. Ask yourself what makes you original and stand out, and then push this everywhere you can! Learn what your current customers love about you and capitalise on that for your business.

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Consistency is key! You are running a small, home-based business and it’s important to have a voice and use that voice to communicate your goals to your customers. You need to be consistent on social media platforms, your company website and across all your marketing materials. Post marketing is still a thing, as is email marketing and the way you design these matter to customers. Brand consistency keeps you familiar and that familiarity will help people to recognise you – and this is how you will generate profit.

Your brand should be out there from the moment you start up and by having a voice online, you can live up to the promises you make to your customers. Be present, be consistent and be familiar to your customers at all times and you can’t lose!

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