Highly Effective, Low Effort Ways To Improve Your Business

You have to put more work in to make effective changes is a facility that too many people believe in the business world. It’s something that can lead to burnout and disappointment as well, especially for those in higher level positions. However, what you really need to do is work smarter not harder. Something that can be achieved by following the tactics discussed below.

Better marketing

You can improve your business hugely by making your marketing strategy work harder for you. That doesn’t mean that you have to come up with catchy taglines or stunning print campaigns though. Instead, why not consider the low effort solution that automated online marketing offers.

Automated online marketing works by using the information collected by cookies on a customers computer to help you identify whether they are a good match for your marketing impression. What that means is you can more effectively target people in the demographic that is likely to be genuinely interested in your product. Something that making it much more likely that you will get a conversion into a sale.

With up and coming technology in the field, you can even personalize the content a potential customer sees to a very specific niche. Something that can further improve your chances of an effective result. This is such a low effort tactic because it is a process that once set up runs on its own, meaning human interaction isn’t needed, despite it having the potential to greatly improve the success of your business.

Better networks

Many businesses find that a great deal of time and effort are used up by firefighting issues with their online and internal networks. Such issues can easily cause problems internally in the business, or be responsible for poor customer satisfaction and complaints. A matter that can cost additional resources and time to deal with.

However, such problems can be improved by using network monitoring tools in a proactive way. These are so useful because they enhance the efficiency of your business quickly, and stop problems becoming so big that they are difficult to manage.


This then prevents any bottlenecking of services you provided and can help your business run smoothly much more of the time. Something that can improve productivity, and prevent sales atrophy caused by customers lacking access.

Better customer service

While you may have to put in some initial work in improving your companies cultures towards customer service, it is definitely worth it in the long run.

This is because over the long term good customer care can reduce the effort, time, and resources your business expends on keeping customers happy. Something that can help to ensure that they buy your product as well as come back for more.

To illustrate this point, consider the following example. You sell your products online, and a customer checks your website at 11pm to buy an item that they are desperate need of. In fact, they are so desperate for it that they need expedited delivery.

However, because it’s late, there is no one that can check with to make sure it is exactly the right item, and they also can’t see whether it’s actually in stock at the moment. That means they either go to a competitor or delay their purchase until the next morning, then contacting your company directly to find out the answer to their questions.


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However, if your site has a chat box, and a stock level already displayed, this sale would neither be lost or delayed. These aspect of customer service are very easy to install as well and can be done created your website designer to function automatically. Something that means you could increase the effectiveness of your website for sales with very minimal effort.

Hire better employees

They say a team is only as strong as its weakest member, and this is nowhere more true than in a business situation. That means employing the best people for the job is vital if you want to ensure that those in higher position are doing all the heavy lifting for the company.

Basically, what we are saying here is that your business is going to be more effective if you employ the right people in the first place. Of course, doing this is often easier said than done, because there are all sorts of constraints that govern who you give a job to.


The amount you have available for salary and wages is one such constraint. Although, many businesses find that they if they pay well, at least some of the issues with low productivity, morale, and poor quality candidates are automatically reduced because they attract high caliber applications in the first place.

Another constraint is knowing enough about the person you are employing before you give them the job. Unfortunately, traditional interview techniques aren’t always the most effective tools for weeding out those that would rather coast or bitch and moan than do a hard days work.

]In fact, some people are fantastic at interviews but don’t prove to be such a valuable asset when they are actually in the role. To assist in this process, it can be worth putting a little extra effort into the recruitment process and take the time to interview people personally and give them a trial run.

Then you can see what they are like in the actual job situation, rather than relying on what is essentially a performance in the interview. In doing this, you can greatly reduce the effort you will need to put in, in the long run, in term of training, mentoring, motivating and even disciplinary actions.

Teach better management skills

Lastly, while it often seems attractive for those higher up in the business to keep hold of things as much as possible, investing in management training for those in mid-level roles can be very useful.

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This is because if they are better equipped to run their departments, things will be more productive without you having to expend any extra energy. In fact, you don’t even need to do the training yourself, as you can send them on an outside course. Something that means higher managers can trust those under them to run things properly, so they won’t have to put as much effort in for the business to be successful.

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