Meeting The Requirements For A Business Summit Revealed


“Wait, businesses still have meetings in 2017?”

Yes, yes they do. Although it seems archaic, a summit of minds is a fantastic way to generate leads and investment. Even in today’s culture, there is nothing more productive than a face-to-face. However, setting up a time to convene isn’t all a business has to consider. For it to go smoothly, the firm has to meet specific requirements.

What are they, you ask? Well, you can find that out by reading the tips and tricks below. These are the hacks which may transform the way you do business.

Don’t Assume Liability

The chances of a third-party slipping and falling on the premises aren’t high. Anyway, the majority of organisations don’t bother with an insurance policy. Just because the competition is taking a chance doesn’t mean you should follow suit. As soon as you invite a person(s) through the door, you assume the risk. The good news is public and employers liability insurance from Qdos Contractor means you don’t have to take the fall. Should there be an accident, the insurance policy will cover the company in its time of need. Play the percentages and always have a contingency when clients visit the office.

Invest In Tech

Meeting in person is better than conversing via Skype. The thing is both parties are busy and circumstances change. When this happens, it is essential to adapt than to cancel the pow-wow. As always, the best option is to carry on as planned rather than push back any arrangement. With the right technology, it isn’t hard to conduct a meeting digitally from anywhere in the world. Skype is a favourite of the industry, yet other suppliers are catching up. For example, both Facebook and WhatsApp have video calling features.


Encourage Dialogue

How many times have you been in a meeting where one person spoke? Usually, the man or woman at the front says his or her piece and the summit concludes. Although you get your point across, you miss out on valuable dialogue. When people talk, it’s far easier to gain an insight into their thinking. Sure, they may nod and laugh when appropriate, but they aren’t signs they are impressed. Encouraging participation is the only way to gauge their views and alter their mindset. The key is to ask open-ended questions which need more than a single answer. Also, ensure your body language is warm and friendly.


Avoid The Afternoon

A cliché yes, but people view business meetings in the afternoon as a doss. Whether they do it consciously, the people in the room won’t focus. To get results, you need their undivided attention. Honestly, no manner of pyrotechnics and PowerPoint accessories will keep them engaged. The key is to schedule important gatherings during the morning or early afternoon. Why? It’s because people are productive during these times of the day. Another tip is to avoid Mondays and Fridays because they’re too close to the weekend.

A meeting is essential, which is why you need to make sure you’re on (power) point.

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