Blogs: The Personality Your Business Needs

What is the most important method of communicating in business in the digital age? There is a lot of work that has to be put into making a brand out of your business. And you need to ensure that it goes across the right platforms and to the right markets. Can a business be communicated effectively in one single tool? Is there a magic formula? I will argue the case for blogging and why it can work for all sizes of business. From the small startup all the way through to your massive conglomerate.

Why Blog?

To blog is to get the word out there. There are many companies that use blogs on such a small scale that they are deemed insignificant to the overall ethos of the company. It is merely thought of as a little addendum or a corner to cover. While many small businesses may use this as a marketing tick-box exercise, if you want to get a blog to sing, you can get it via the correct social media channels. There are so many people that have started a blog to get their ideas onto paper, and it spiraled into a massive money spinner, inspiring and creating a high amount of custom towards one product. You can do this with your business too.

Some savvy marketers have even started blogs for the sole purpose of building a business. Blogging is no longer a meaningless afterthought but a powerful business strategy for generating leads and making sales. Bloggers use monetising methods such as affiliate marketing to generate an income through referring people to relevant products. These products are promoted through affiliate programs and networks.

What Can It Do For Me?

From the perspective of business, you can utilize a blog in one of two ways. Very simply, you can make an external blog and/or an internal one. Internally, it can work to communicate the company much like a newsletter, but it can be so much more. If you use the internal method to create a tone and style that is pleasing, it has been a good testing pad to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Externally, you are using a blog to give your company a face to the name. You can speak about whatever is useful to your customers. You are communicating what your business is, and how it operates. While there are small companies that can type out their basic processes and put in a quaint little blog that maybe a few thousand people will see, it isn’t going to project that business into the big leagues. You can always outsource to a professional blogging company like the hoth blogger to choose the content that is right for you.

The Image Of Your Company Can Be Defined By Your Blog

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If you decide to go down the blogging route, be sure that whatever the content is, that it reflects who your company is. If your business is of a rustic, family-run style, then having complex language and terminology is not going to be the right fit. The language and the images are signs and signifiers that will loom large in customers minds. So if you choose images or decide to create your own, then they need to be a perfect fit. Finally, it is so tempting to think of the blog as a random bit of text on the website that no one will read. A blog is a marketing tool that you need in your arsenal. So use it!

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  • We can confirm that what Marc is writing here is true. It really can help your business to achieve both the growth you want and also with the customers you really want to be working with.

    As a result of learning from Marc and putting in place the things he taught, such as blogging and other Internet strategies, the Internet is now our number 1 source of new clients.

    There is a conversation going on via the Internet. Be a part of it and benefit as a result.

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