Think Again: 4 So-Called Essentials Your Business Doesn’t Actually Need

There is plenty of information which claims you need certain ingredients for a successful business. More often than not, these things are not actually essential, but only seem to be. In business, there is always a way around any given ‘essential’, and in this article we will be looking at some of the ways to do this. The fact is, you actually only need a very small amount of things to begin and run a business. As long as you are happy to be fairly minimalist in your approach, you will find that running a business can be much easier than you may have thought. Let’s take a look at four things your business doesn’t actually need.


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It is a fair assumption to say that your business needs funds in order to get up and running. It is true that you will probably need some kind of money in the beginning. However, you might be pleasantly surprised at how little you really need. The truth is, taking out a bank loan for your business might not actually be the way to go. You can easily set up a business with whatever personal income you already have. There are examples of businesses which started for less than you might spend on coffee in the average month. You will need some kind of money, yes, but don’t go thinking that you need to start your business career in debt.


Most people assume that an office is necessary for any business which wants to be taken seriously. But plenty of successful businesses have been run out of someone’s bedroom or attic. What’s more, it is possible to have all the benefits of an office without the stresses of running one. This is where services such as mail forwarding addresses can come in handy. With these forwarding addresses, you can have somewhere to give your clients – and still run the business from home.


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If you ask the majority of marketers whether a website is essential, they will probably tell you yes. However, there are many ways to market your business without having to have your own web space to look after. Social media alone will enable you to market your business as much as you could possibly need to. As long as you are making the most of these websites, it is unlikely that you will really need one of your own. You might benefit from a website in the long run, but it is not something that you should consider to be essential.

Mobile App

Something which is becoming increasingly common these days is businesses having a mobile app. If you are offering a service, it can be tempting to try and make it work through a mobile app. However, this is unlikely to be absolutely essential. The truth is, an app is only going to be vital if your business is solely in the business of selling that app. For any other company, an ap might be handy – but never essential.


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