Top Secrets For Using The Success Of Your Rivals

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It can be disheartening to realize that you’re just a small fish swimming in an incredibly vast pond. Those bigger fish sure look intimidating, don’t they? Some of them are sharks! Wouldn’t it be great if you could use their size and their success to your advantage? Well now, you can because we have got the secrets that will allow you to piggyback off the success of your competitors. There are a few different ways to do this. Let’s start with the one that’s simplest.

Well now, you can because you can legitimately piggyback off the success of your competitors. What’s vitally important is not to cross the line of impropriety and illegality. This is not about doing the wrong thing(s), but being smart about how to leverage what is working.

Communicating With Their Customers

If you know a popular direct competitor to your business, you should contact their customers. It would be useful to find out why they chose that company over yours. Essentially, you’ll be looking for their USP and seeing if you can replicate it. Contacting their customers can be tricky.

If you work offline, we suggest you hire an agent who can contact the customers for you. They can wait near or outside the business and contact the customers directly. By engaging them in conversation, they have an excellent chance of getting honest and useful answers.

The goal is NOT to steal their clients, but to learn what they want/need.

If you work online, things are a little different. We suggest  you begin by using social media. You can retweet competitors when they make big announcements. Make sure you give them credit for the tweet and you’ll attract interest from their followers online. They may then follow your business and at this point, you have the chance to convert them to your company.

You can use a social media profile to do this. On Instagram, target their followers and use them for user generated content. You’ll be amazed how quickly they start taking an interest in your company.

Using Their Online Profiles

Are your business competitors seeing fantastic levels of success online? If they are, it might sound like a great idea to copy their marketing strategy and SEO profile. For instance, using your competitors’ backlink profiles could boost your online performance . Be careful about doing this though because it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. You need to know how to find their backlink profile for starters. To do this, you’ll need to complete some research online, using tools such as Ahrefs.

Replicating Their USP

Companies always market and promote their Unique Selling Proposition (USP). That’s the whole point of having one. You want to show customers what makes your business different from the rest. This means it’s easy to find and understand the USP of a competitor. It will probably be highlighted on their website or in their store. You need work on fitting their USP into your business model. This levels the playing field and allows you a better chance at capturing their customer base.

Once again, we are not adavocating you steal anything – but that you tailor your offering legitimately and authentically, if and only if it fits in with your plans and strategic goals – this is not about ripping anyone off. That won’t work and will backfire.

Piggybacking On Their Marketing Campaign

Finally, a competitor might be using an effective marketing campaign online. In this campaign, they might be using things such as hashtags. You can use their hashtag for your own business. When you use their hashtag, you will again, gain attention from their clients. It gives you the perfect chance to build your online reach.

As you can see, these are great ideas, but in the wrong hands, they can do more harm than good. This article is about leveraging what’s out there and  making the most of it. Don’t cross the line. If you think you’re about to cross a line, don’t do it. nowledge is power and today’s article is about

Knowledge is power and today’s article is about acquiring that knowledge and making the most of it.

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