Are You Working On The Right Schedule?

Scheduling yourself can be a real struggle, especially in a world that expects you to be self sustainable and in charge of it all. Timekeeping is supposed to be a soft skill, after all, and if you’re in search of a career, you need to be a pro at it!

But there’s a chance you’re not currently working on the right schedule. There’s a chance you’re trying to do too much, and achieving too little, simply because you’re spreading yourself so thin across your calendar. Of course, the business world is a busy one, and you need to keep up, but there’s always better ways to cope with this.

So, let’s get into some questions that’ll help to determine if you’re on the right schedule. Ask them frequently, just in case you lose your way.

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How Busy Are Your Days?

The time that work takes up, throughout all of your days, might add up to more than a 40 hour working week. And when you think about it, that’s completely crazy! 40 hours used to be the maximum a person would spend at work, completing tasks and furthering their career, and they’d be just in time to get back home again and be able to relax with the family. But these days we’re expected to go the extra mile, each and every time.

Which is why it might be useful for you to realise how many hours you’re working, how many hours you should be working (if you have a contract that states so), and how you can fix the rift between the two. Even having the power of conference software on your side could fill in the gaps here, to show you where you’re unnecessarily busy, and help to automate your calendar in the process.

Can You Find a Balance?

There needs to be a true work/life balance in your schedule, and neither one should be treated more importantly than the other. Of course, that’s far easier said than done, but it’s definitely something you can work towards!

So, if you’re spending the majority of time in the professional world, what things could you cut out to make sure you’ve got a bit more time at home again? The more effective your rest time, the more powerful your performance. You need to be able to destress and rest up for the working day tomorrow, and that can’t be done if you’re bringing a bunch of working tasks on the commute home with you.

And Most Importantly, Are You Comfortable?

Finally, are you comfortable with the schedule balance you have at the moment? Because if not, it’s a surefire sign something needs to change. Even just taking the initiative to say you can’t stay late today can be the much needed gateway into changing how your schedule is affecting you.

Do you have the right kind of schedule? Because the better you plan your time, the more enjoyable your days will be. Craft your routine!

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