Walk Before You Run: Preparing For A Life In Business

The idea of running your own business is often a very exciting one. Taking control of your own destiny is one of the most freeing ways to live, and a lot of people aspire to it. With no bosses or managers in charge, life is a lot more flexible, enabling you to pursue more of your dreams. Of course, though, while being exciting, setting up your own business is also a great challenge. A lot of people rush this time, trying to make it happen quickly. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t always the best way to run your company. To help you out, this post will be going through some ways to help you prepare for your own business. So, now, you just have to get to work.

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  • Take It Slow

A lot of people rush into this sort of work, thinking that they will run out of time if they don’t go as fast as possible. Along with this, if you’re in another job, you might want to be able to leave it as soon as possible, though. Unfortunately, this sort of approach can often result in struggles or even failure down the line. Businesses aren’t easy to run. Jumping into this work without any experience is a big mistake, as you won’t be able to make informed decisions along the way. It’s best to take this time slowly, giving yourself plenty of time for each stage of your business plan.

  • Learn What You Can

Of course, while taking it slow, you don’t have to be completely out of action. In fact, you will still be very busy during this period, but it won’t be time spent starting your company. Instead, you should spend some time learning before you get to work. Once you setup your business, it might be hard to find the time to learn about accounting, marketing, and PR, as you’ll already have loads of work to do. Studying an online BBA program can give you a good background in business, helping you to start your business with knowledge and expertise. A lot of people rush into their venture without learning, but for an extra year or two of waiting, this is well worth it.


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  • Follow While Leading

Once you’re ready to start your company, it’s time to start adopting a new approach to your work. Business works best a collaborative effort, with more than one party coming up with ideas and questioning your work. Having a sounding board like this is perfect for a small business. So, it’s important to be able to listen to your employees, customers, and friends to get the best out of your business. Even if you know best, other people’s insight can often help you to find a route or method which you may have never explored.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the business you’re starting long before you start it. A lot of people fail to put this sort of work in. In most cases, though, this can result in a negative impact on your work. Instead, it’s worth putting in a little bit of effort to make sure your business has the best chances.

Does Your Medical Business Need A Health Care Lawyer & Other Outside Help? (Hint: Yes It Does!)

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When launching a business in the medical health game, your motivation is to help people in need. With regards to establishing the commercial venture, though, it’s important to realize that you might need support too. After all, trying to save lives and keep the company afloat is far too much for one pair of hands to take on.

There are several people that could prove to be invaluable on your journey to the top. Here is a rundown of the outside companies and support that may be needed to give you the best chance of giving patients a winning service.

Legal Support

Legal issues are important in all business ventures. Nonetheless, they carry even greater significance when lives are at potentially at stake. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how good your intentions are. If the company isn’t supported by a solid legal foundation, it could be open to disaster.

With an experienced health care lawyer by your side, you’ll be protected against the various problems which could surface. Aside from the physical and financial benefits, removing those fears can work wonders for your confidence.


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In addition to preventing legal issues, this support can provide a supportive hand through any procedures that may occur.

Architects & Designers

The medical sector covers various areas. Whether it’s a private hospital or a place for assisted living, the layout of the building is essential. Not only because appearances count for everything, but also due to practicality and function.

You may have a vision of what the perfect setting should look like, but turning it into a reality isn’t easy. Good location scouting may remove a lot of the hassle. Nonetheless, the input of interior designer may be very useful throughout the planning processes.

Architects may be needed for building new facilities or extensions. Their services may even extend to patient and employee car park facilities. Either way, creating a better care environment can only have a positive impact for everyone involved. Not least for you as a business owner.

Staffing Agencies



When launching a healthcare company, you will appreciate that it’s all about people. As such, a strong recruitment drive will inevitably be at the top of your agenda. You’re not going to provide patients with the care that they deserve unless you have the support of a winning team. However, you cannot expect the permanent employees to be there at all times.

Employees will get sick, especially when working alongside ill patients. Therefore, creating connections with an agency should be considered essential. Those temporary employees can fill in when the numbers are low, ensuring that productivity remains at the desired level. This is great news for the patients and even better news for the company.

It’s still important to have a great permanent team behind you. After all, that continuity will take business matters to the next level. Still, if agency staff can dig you out of a hole, their presence can be priceless.

Getting Started As A Contractor: Handy Things To Know


If you believe your skillset to be competent enough to work for you and you alone rather than for a firm directly, then you might be tempted to work as a contractor. This affords you many freedoms, such as choosing what jobs you take, what hours you work, and how much money you quote those willing to hire your services.

Despite how easy this sounds, it does take a little forethought and planning to set up correctly. You need to know the following to stay effective:


First of all, you need to assess what you think your skills are worth, and price them reasonably. You might be able to charge a considerable percentage more than you’d be paid with a standard salary, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to stay competitive. Some trades are saturated with workers competing for jobs, and so it’s instructive to do a little research before you start setting your price of commission. It’s important to also understand that sometimes letting a job go due to it’s low cost of entry can turn around and bite you at a later date, when work is drying up. Consider your time, the resources you have and exactly what you want to be paid for those, and most importantly BE FLEXIBLE with the sum you come up with.

Market Saturation

We previously mentioned market saturation as something to consider when taking jobs. It runs deeper than this though. How in need are you skills completely? If you have IT expertise, are you offering a service that is more inclusive than a guide someone can find on the internet? If you are a handyman, can you provide a better service with more reliable and flexible material sourcing than a firm that already has ties and mutual business ties with suppliers? You need to find ways to make yourself stand out. It’s likely that no matter your skillset, competition is fierce.

Ambitious contractors might even choose to bolster their abilities in ways that do not necessarily correspond to what they’re offering. Consider, for example, that you are a plumber in Canada. Learning French in your spare time alongside English automatically opens you up to another half of the population, just waiting to hire your services. Remember, no matter how skilled you are as a contractor, you can always improve and make yourself more valuable. It is your responsibility to yourself.


You’ll need insurance to cover the safety of transporting your tools or making a mistake. Several engineering contractors use comprehensive forms of public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance to prevent financial difficulties occurring after mistakes or accidents happen, and they do happen, quite often. Knowing that you’re covered allows you to operate in a relaxed manner, and focus on your work.

Another form, probably the greatest form of insurance is common sense. Never scrimp on materials to save money or otherwise provide an unprofessional service that can come back to bite you, especially in this digital age, where everything is accessible, including negative information about your firm.

The Perfect Careers For Social Butterflies

Do you enjoy meeting new people? Do you always have something to say no matter what the topic is? Are you part of a large social circle? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you may want to think about breaking into an industry that allows you to exploit your love of being sociable. There are many careers out there that can give you the opportunity to break free from the confines of your office and explore a career that allows you to engage with a variety of people on a daily basis. Take a look at these potential career options and be inspired to ditch the 9-5.


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1. Charity Fundraiser

If you enjoy being persuasive and can exude passion in every syllable that passes your lips, then working for a charity may be for you. You will be fighting for a cause that you are passionate about while at the same time chatting with people on a daily basis. You may find yourself speaking at a charity event such as a sponsored fun run, going into schools to talk to children about what it is your charity raises money for, or you could be going out onto the street and encouraging people to sign up to make a donation. This career would blend your passion for meeting a variety of people as well as doing something for the betterment of society. Win – win!


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2. Wedding Planner

Who doesn’t love a good old wedding? If you are creative and relish the challenge of working to a set budget, then events planning may be just what you are looking for. You will need high levels of motivation to cope with the pressure of organizing the most important day of two people’s lives.

It will be your job to liaise between the happy bride and groom, family members, florists, cake makers, venue managers, the church and musicians to name but a few. You will be central to ensuring the smooth running of the happy couple’s big day. The responsibility is massive, but this career has the job satisfaction to match. You will be providing the foundations for a lifetime of happy memories as you see the beautiful bride and handsome groom walking down the aisle. It’ll be emotional. Just make sure you have plenty of tissues for the big day!


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3. Spokesmodel

If you are articulate, present yourself well and have a convincing sales technique, you should consider a career as a spokesmodel. By signing up with a spokes model agency, you will have the chance to represent companies and businesses at a variety of corporate events, trade show exhibitions, and product launches. You will be the face of a business, engaging potential customers and promoting a service or product. You’ll need bags of confidence and the ability to talk to a variety of audiences. You never know, you could be jetting around the world taking part in a major media marketing campaign. The world is your oyster.


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4. Summer Camp Leader

If you enjoy engaging with young people and spending time in their company, it might be wise to consider a role as a summer camp leader. This means you’ll have to ditch the TV and the Internet and welcome the opportunity of a career outdoors. You will be working with young people from all walks of life. You will need to be encouraging and sensitive to their fears or worries. One morning you may be taking a group of kids white water rafting, the next afternoon you may be teaching children the safety techniques when trying their hand at archery and in the evening you could be leading the songs around a campfire. If you love being active and using your initiative, this could be the new career path for you.


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5. Personal Trainer

It goes without saying that you need to be a bit of a gym bunny as well as a social butterfly to make this job a success. However, you can be your own boss in control of your own schedule and meeting clients throughout the day. You will meet individuals who require a major overhaul of their fitness regime as well as those who require a little body maintenance. It will be your job to enthuse those who are reluctant about the positive aspects of exercise as well as boosting the self-esteem of those with low body confidence. If this sounds like an attractive career option, try heading down to your local gym and enquiring about any work opportunities they may have.

You spend at least eight hours a day at work, so it’s vital that you do something that you love. There’s no better time to escape the rat race and follow your passion.

How To Stay Informed Of Industry Innovations

No matter what your business is, the question many professional business owners ask of their staff in boardrooms is, what makes a great product even greater? Is it the design or real-world use? Perhaps it’s the way it’s made, how efficiently it can be manufactured and thus, more can be made to service the needs of many more customers. Ultimately, knowing your consumer demographics is one thing, but having a firm grasp on the industry in which your business works in, is becoming more and more important.

The planning and developing stage of a unique product is where the aim of your business truly lies. Before designing a product, it’s vital you keep up with the modern technology trends of your industry, so you know what you can offer customers. The advancement in technology can make a good idea, even greater by opening up windows of possibility you previously thought didn’t exist. There are a few key rules to follow when trying to move with the times.

Read journals

No matter what industry you’re in, there is a business dedicated to your business. Scientific, engineering, technology, consumer trend, psychology and many more industries all have their own dedicated journals. Some have been government approval to conduct research and paid grants to do so. This means that the company that is writing the journal has been asked a specific question by the ruling party, to delve deeper into something that may benefit the country and perhaps the world.

This is a broad form of research; however, there are journals that conduct research papers the advancement of technology and practices of industries. Offering customers the newest technology and products coming from state-of-the-art engineering, can grow your business exponentially. If you keep an eye on what’s going on in your industry, you might be one of the first to see a trend, perhaps a gap in the market, realize that something that was seen as a risk a few years ago is now a feasible option, etc.

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Laser cutting and manufacturing is also heading into the charge as precision products are vital for the aerospace and medical devices industries. Components with unique and high tolerances can be made by efficient and powerful lasers that are controlled by advanced computer systems. Such companies like Laser Light services specialize in contract manufacturing for clients with specific needs. Gone are the days of millimeter engineering because now, microscopic detailing is entirely practical with laser micromachining. By delivering micro-drilled polymers and precision instruments for many experts, the most complex projects are given the best chance of success.

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3D printing

The advent of 3D printing has come into it’s age. Computer graphic models designed in software can be animated into reality, with machines that create products made out of ABS plastic, nylon filament, epoxy resins and even metals such as steel and titanium. Manufacturing in 2050 is going to look a whole lot different than what it is now. Just 50 years ago, machine tools were hand-operated, and now, computers and robots make heavy lifting seem a breeze.  It’s vital that your business is keeping up-to-date with modern manufacturing practices.

How Important is Leadership to the Success of Your Company?

If you want to run a business, you’re going to need to have the right leadership skills, but why? Why is leadership really so important in the world of business? Is it overrated or is it as important as everyone says? It’s time to look at what a leader really does and how this affects a business’s chances of finding success in the long-term.

Whether you’re taking on a leadership role soon or you just want to learn more about how businesses are organized and managed, the information below will teach you a lot.

Leaders Oversee Delegation

Delegating tasks is all about organization and man management. You can do online BA in organizational studies degree if you want to learn more about how important organization is to leadership. Having an organized workforce makes it possible for you to keep everyone on track and get the most out of each person. To delegate well, you also need to understand what each person in your team brings to the table. What are their skills and attributes? When you know what each person is good at, you can delegate tasks to people effectively, and get the right results later.

They Provide Motivation to Employees

Motivation helps to raise standards in the workplace, and it’s often the leader that has to provide this motivation. If that motivation is not provided, it will just be harder for people to feel like they have a reason to keep working hard. You should never underestimate how important it can be to make sure that people are motivated in their work and their roles. Rallying the troops is what every good leader has to do, and it’s one of those things that is much more difficult and more complicated than it looks.


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Leaders Provide Guidance

Sometimes, people need guidance when they’re trying to do their jobs. If they don’t get that guidance, they can find it difficult to approach their work in the correct way. They might go in the wrong direction and make mistakes. That’s not good for any business, and it’s always up to the leader to make sure that this doesn’t become a major issue. Providing guidance is not just about telling people what they should do either; it’s about much more than that. For example, you need to manage each person differently to get the most out of them.

They Make the Tough Decisions

Making tough decisions is never easy. But they have to be made by someone, and that’s what a leader is there to do. If the person at the top of the company is not willing to go that extra mile to weigh up all the options and come to a decision swiftly, no one will. In the end, that will be detrimental to the business, so you need to be careful. There are so many problems that can arise when you don’t allow act decisively and give the business the push it often needs. Leaders that are not decisive don’t tend to inspire confidence in the people working beneath them.

There Are Many Types of Leaders

There are many different types of leaders, so there is not one single way to run a business that everyone should follow. Instead, it’s about making the most of your own skills and attributes. And it’s also important to remember that different leadership styles can work in different situations. It doesn’t usually work out well when people try to force themselves into a style of management and leadership that they’re not really comfortable with. Find the way that works for you if you want to become a leader in the future. That’s always the best approach to leadership.

They Can Initiate Action

Finally, it’s important to point out how a good leader can be the person that initiates action and change inside a business. It’s very easy for companies to get stuck in a rut and too comfortable. Only someone at the top with the right leadership skills can dislodge that complacency to push the business in a new direction. They can move obstacles and make sure that the company is in a position to find new customers and do better than in the past. Without a leader at the top pushing through these changes, this wouldn’t be possible.

There are good leaders and bad leaders, but the best of them can definitely do the things set out above. That means that they can also be the decisive factor in driving a company toward success.

Don’t Wait For A Promotion To Be A Great Leader


The self-help and motivational industry is replete with positive reinforcement, and as a modern, internet-using citizen, it’s likely you’ve encountered some of it. It might have rubbed off on you, and now your ambition is reaching levels that it’s never experienced before.

This is good! Everyone’s life could benefit from a solid rejuvenation in ambition once in awhile. You might be feeling lethargic, or simply like you haven’t achieved as much as you’d have liked to, and you might want to take it upon yourself to improve that.

This might manifest itself in a rekindled desire to go for that promotion you’ve thought about for some time. To achieve this, you’ll need to show qualities worthy of a promotion. Emulating leadership qualities will teach you leadership qualities, and they’re likely to be noticed. With respect for your current managers in mind, it’s no fault in your for trying to outshine them, as long as you’re subtle and not threatening about it.

Ideas Are Currency

The ability to create good, applicable ideas and capitalise on them will dictate your success in the business world. You don’t have to be the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but implementing a new idea once in awhile will be enough to get you noticed. This might be going that extra mile to secure that new client, or identifying what annoys you about the inefficiency of your current role and taking the correct steps to subvert that.

Remember, ideas are currency. But unlike currency, you can dictate their value. Feed your mind with business books, and use your own time to help you foster new attitudes to your current role. You’re sure to become better for the effort, no matter how your career with the current firm plays out.

Take On Responsibility

If you’re relatively familiar with your current role, you have room to take on more responsibility. Don’t just wait to be asked to fill out a duty, be proactive about it. There’s nothing more powerful in your career than to say ‘I’ve done it,’ to your boss who’s trying to pile work upon you. They are sure to notice your increased efforts and reward you in kind.

Leadership qualities are fortified by taking responsibility. To further understand the correlated link between the two, check out Broowaha article Manage Above Expectations: How To Be A Great Leader. You’re likely to have an intrinsically more subtle understanding of the link between management success by going above your station if you’re well prepared.

Outshine Your Boss

This is difficult to do without coming across as overly competitive. However, this is the way the business world works. It thrives on competition. If you genuinely feel that you have more potential then why not unofficially take care of some of their responsibilities, AS LONG AS THEY RELATE TO YOU? The caps there is to emphasise that conducting their job is a sure fire way to ruin your chances at seeming like a hard-working employee, and more likely to look like a young upstart aggressively progressing at any cost. Instead, take care of any responsibilities you know they’re likely to give you. Be confident in your role, and you’ll be sure to fly forward in your career.

A person can only be a great leader if they know how to lead themselves. Be sure to act upon this, and your days of business achievement are to become profoundly interesting.

Ensuring Your Team Work Well, Even When You’re Not There

There are lots of excellent advantages to working in a team in the business sphere. You can pull plenty more ideas together – after all, they do say that two (or three, or four) heads are better than one. Team mates in the workplace can inspire each other, and hold each other to account; and plus, sometimes working in a team can just be more fun than working alone. However, when you are head of a team, you can also encounter some quite frustrating situations.

You are putting your faith, and the fate of the business, directly into other people’s hands. If you don’t trust those people in question, you could end up biting your nails watching their every move, in the case of a slip-up. Of course, you need to abandon complete control over your business from time to time, and it is important that you are not overly stressed during this time. By covering your back with your team and making sure they are all clued up about what is expected of them, you can rest easy knowing they can nail that presentation or business deal without you even being present. Here’s your checklist for allowing your team to roam free.

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Assign roles

Even if your business runs on a non-hierarchal basis, you will need to be prepared to establish some roles in your absence. Without a leader and someone to report to, business groups can quickly start to run amok, and in some cases, conflict can arise. Study your team for a few weeks as and when you can, to see who shows natural leadership abilities. Don’t make it obvious what you are doing as if the team catches on they might start to behave differently to get a shot at the big time.

Make sure everyone is in the best condition

If the task you are sending your team out on is a presentation or a conference, you need to make sure that everyone is in both the best physical and mental health possible. For example, the last thing you want is for a colleague to ruin an important pitch because their anxiety got the better of them, or because they struggled to read the slides and notes due to poor eyesight. Perform an ‘office health check’ before a big event like this. If you do it far enough in advance, it will give you plenty of time to check out things like how to get vision insurance rates for you and your team. Plus, always make sure your colleagues are happy to switch between roles if need be, just in case someone drops out due to illness.

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Give them the brief

Allowing members of your team free reign can benefit you on some occasions, especially during a particularly creative task. But if you are sending them to a corporate event with strict protocols, you may need to ask them to follow a set brief. Hand them this brief, both in person and with a paper/electronic copy well in advance of the event, so they have time to ask you any questions about it if they need to.

What Do Employees Want?

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If you are looking for ways in which to keep staff at your business for longer, there is one question that you should be asking yourself above all the others: what do employees want? And while salary and benefits are obviously important, they are not everything. Many of the most successful businesses are the ones that work the hardest to keep their employees happy. Forward-thinking companies work to develop the staff they already have rather than constantly looking for new employees. They also treat their employees as a commodity rather than something that is expendable. Let’s take a look at many of the top things that employees want so you can tick off what you are offering.


Everyone wants to feel like they have a sense of purpose and that what they are doing is worthwhile. Employees want to be reassured of the importance of their job role as part of the wider company. So, one way that you can give employees that sense of purpose is by providing regular feedback. This way, you can tell them how their work is contributing to the company as a whole. You can also listen to their ideas in meetings and consider implementing some of them. People want to feel like they are making a difference in the business they are working for.


Goals go towards giving that sense of purpose that employees are looking for. As a business owner, you will know that if you aren’t working to achieve a particular goal, it is difficult to retain focus and commitment. The best goals are measurable and attainable. If they are too vague then people don’t know whether or not they have hit them and if they are too difficult then people can end up feeling frustrated. Once a goal has been achieved, there should be some sort of recognition of achievement before setting a new one.


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Now that the internet has provided so many more opportunities for flexible working, many talented staff members value this sense of freedom ahead of traditional salary increases. So, if you do have certain job roles in which you can offer a degree of flexibility, this will be greatly appreciated. Obviously, telecommuting requires a great deal of trust in your employees, but if you can rely on your staff members, they will reward you with high quality work. There are also plenty of cost benefits involved in implementing flexible working, so you should consider these as well.


Delegating can be a tricky part of being a manager, but it is an essential one. Not only does this make your life easier, but employees are looking for responsibilities to be passed onto them. Again, it all comes back to an issue of trust, and with this trust, comes the feeling of being valued. So, you should ask your employees if they feel comfortable taking on certain responsibilities rather than piling them on regardless.


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Of course, all the other things we have talked about are important, but let’s not downplay that employees are looking for a good salary and high-quality benefits. When you come to employing a new member of staff or giving out raises, it is worth doing some salary benchmarking so you can compare what you are offering to other companies. Pay rises should be incentivised so that staff work towards hitting certain predefined goals. Benefits vary from company to company, but sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference. So, taking staff out for a drink after completing a big project or giving them a present on their birthday can go a long way towards keeping them happy.


People generally don’t want to be micromanaged and would prefer a degree of autonomy when it comes to achieving a particular goal. So, once you have set goals in place, you should provide a degree of flexibility when it comes to achieving these aims. However, it also helps to have an open policy so people come to you directly when they are looking for help or support on a particular issue. There is no harm in checking how a certain project is going from time to time, but people generally don’t like the feeling that someone is constantly looking over the shoulder.

Opportunities for Innovation

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Sometimes, employees can become too focused on their main job role and feel that any creative thinking they are doing is extra. Google is one of the big-name companies to address this issue by allowing employees to be creative for 20 percent of their working hours. Though you may not be able to offer this sort of time, you can still have brainstorming sessions on a regular basis so people have the opportunity to discuss their ideas. This way, everyone feels like they are a part of coming up with new directions for your business to take.


A lot of companies suffer from being too opaque in their communication style when what people are looking for is transparency. So, regular and open communication can really make all the difference. This way, everyone feels like they are on the same page and working towards achieving the same aims. One of the main issues that businesses have is that people share their complaints with each other rather than feeling like they can take steps to make things better by talking to their managers.


Getting the balance between providing autonomy and attention is a difficult one, but employees are still looking for guidance and feedback where they can get it. Make a point of speaking to them on a regular basis, rather than just waiting until their annual performance review. Though delegating responsibilities is important, so too is showing that you care about what your employees are working on and how they are feeling.

Hopefully, this guide will have provided you with some more detail when it comes to answering the age-old question of what employees want so you can retain and develop your staff.

Five Things You Need To Do To Keep Your Employees Happy

There are many things that you will have to think about, particularly if you are a new modern business owner, and often there are things that might slip your mind or perhaps that you don’t prioritize. Employee satisfaction is one of the things that will make or break your business, as a happy employee means a more productive employee. To retain a member of your staff, it is crucial that they feel welcome, valued and engage with your company. This is why it is so important to limit the turnover of your employees and focus on hiring and retaining reliable, trustworthy and hardworking members of staff. Recruiting a new member of staff is only the first part of the job process however and making sure that they want to stay is part of the process as well. There are many ways to make someone feel valued and content at work, here below are five of them.


Image source- Pixabay

Pay your employees well

Paying your employees well is perhaps the most obvious way in which to keep them content. As your members of staff will be spending most of their waking hours working for you, they will want to be adequately reimbursed for their contributions to you and your company. Paying above-average wages will ensure that your staff have a consistent reason to stay with you and will not move to another competitor.

Provide benefits

Health care, life insurance, and pension plans are benefits that are expected by most employees. A company that does not offer a comprehensive benefits plan will lose out to another company that does. Additionally, It is worth investing in your employee’s overall health by providing good dental and health insurance as well perhaps fitness benefits which will not be overly costly but will be well-received by your staff.

Be open and transparent

Communicating with your employees and keeping them up to date with the company is key to fostering trust between you and them. Poor communication is noted as being one of the biggest reasons for unhappiness within the workplace, so the importance of keeping your employees in the loop cannot be underestimated. Have regular meetings and do not only give your staff good news, but also be honest with them and let them know bad news that may affect them as soon as you can.

Be reliable

This means paying your staff on time, and keeping them in the loop should there be a delay in their payment. Do try to avoid paying your employees late even if this means taking it out of your pocket first. Being reliable isn’t solely limited to payment, however, as this also means replying to their emails, being on time, and not canceling individual or group meetings without enough notice, as well as many other smaller things. Encourage your employees to be reliable by setting the example.

Make your staff feel safe

Have policies in place which protect your staff from abuse of any kind, as well as offering them support for any physical or emotional abuse of stress they may have experienced working for you. Consider outsourcing externally, using specialized services such as Health Assured, who offer employee assistance programmes. This will cover your back as well, and ensure that you combat any work-related incident within work rather than it going beyond the office.