STOP struggling to get your marketing to work:

“Perform your very own Business Marketing
Autopsy™ to diagnose your profit cancers and
obtain your personalised step-by-step
recovery plan to get a healthy
cash flow going IMMEDIATELY"

I know that Autopsy and Cancer are sensational words,
but the reality is that in this market turbulence,
I have to do something to get your attention.

There's a truism that applies to just about everything in your life that you want to improve - from your weight to your typing speed - but perhaps the most relevant application is to your business:

"If it's not measured, it's not managed"

This Business Marketing Autopsy™ is a cutting edge, online analytical tool that will give you a very enlightening self-measurement to see how your business marketing stacks up.

An analysis that is this in-depth would usually attract a substantial fee but the best news is that being online, you can take it at your convenience to reveal where your problems are with your marketing.

It's a comprehensive survey - a whopping 87 questions, each one weighted based on its importance and relevance to your bottom line.

I guarantee it'll be an eye-opening experience, but don't take my word for it, look at what some recent respondents have said in the past week about the Business Marketing Autopsy™ ---

  • "I can't believe all the stuff I'm NOT doing. That alone is priceless!"
  • "Just filling in the survey was a real eye opener. As you say, I now know what I don't know that's costing me money - Thanks!"
  • "WHILE I WAS ONLINE I remembered 3 ideas that worked in the past that I can implement again TODAY to produce the SAME results again - THAT'S PURE CASH IN THE DOOR. Thanks for jogging the ol' memory!"
  • "With the Autopsy report that was e-mailed to me, I saw WHAT to work on right away that will make an IMMEDIATE impact to my cash flow. I have to admit, this is the first time I'm told WHEN to do WHAT - that's grrreat!"
  • "Why didn't you send me this months ago!?!?!"
  • "... The best part of the Autopsy is the report that orders MY priorities, based on MY ANSWERS - that's PURE GENIUS!"
  • "The weighting of the responses puts things in order, so I can get the biggest bang for my buck. I like that, a lot."
  • "Now that I've done it and received the report, I would have paid $500 to $1,000 for the Autopsy. I guess if you're reading this and haven't done it yet - just do it and see what happens, if you're like me, you're smart enough to figure out that there is an easier path to getting things done. The old adage rings true for me - work SMART, not HARD. Hard hasn't worked for me, this convinced me. I'm fed up with the long hours and I'm signing up to get SMARTER."

As you can interpret for yourself, the Business Marketing Autopsy™ is a unique self-evaluation tool that has many facets.

  1. It is scientifically designed and entirely automated, with no human intervention whatsoever, which is why, for the first time ever, it can be offered to you for FREE. But I won't be offering it for FREE indefinitely.
  2. It is an extensive, all-encompassing analysis of where you're at with all your marketing activities - it would cost you thousands of dollars to get a qualified consultant to give you a fraction of this quality and quantity of feedback.
  3. It would take you HOURS with the same consultant to explain what you're doing and not doing let alone what you should do next.
  4. The report that is immediately e-mailed to you is a personalised, customised and sequential report that shows you what to work on FIRST, to GET THE MAXIMUM RESULTS IMMEDIATELY. Then the next subsequent steps to add to those results, in order of priority. It's called determining your Next Best Steps™.

Just like human cancer, early detection is the best prevention and cure. Corporate cancers are no different.

Most businesses that are on the brink of bankruptcy
have absolutely no clue they're on their deathbed

The Business Marketing Autopsy™ will help you reveal specific profit tumours that may be benign or malignant but need to be removed.

Dun and Bradstreet statistics reveal that 88.7% of all business failures are due to management mistakes, 46% fail because of incompetence of the small business owner. Of course, it could be anything from staff problems to marketing problems, management to operational issues.

When you're working day-in, day-out in your business, it's not that obvious. Most hard-working business owners lose the critical perspective they need to see things as they really are. The Business Marketing Autopsy™ reveals that to you.

In fact, the closer you are to the problem,
the harder it is to see!

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I can't promise it won't hurt, 'cause it will, but it'll hurt a lot less than bleeding to death from profit cancer or a severe cashflowectomy!

Trust me, you don't want to have a cashflowectomy - even proctologists fear them!

We do live in uncertain times, but the truth is that there's no reason to panic. AS LONG as you take preventative measures to protect yourself. Consider this profit insurance that's totally FREE --- a gift to you.

Take this confidential REVEALING ‘X-RAY’ TEST to DISCOVER why you are stuck, limited and frustrated in your business working TWICE as hard for just a fraction of what you are entitled and deserve to be making...

Once you perform your own Business Marketing Autopsy™
you will finally understand WHY you keep working harder
and harder in your business but have less to show for it...

But are you bold enough to face the facts head-on?

Take this breakthrough, confidential Business Marketing Autopsy™ to ‘x-ray’ your business in minutes and discover what actions you must take today to cure your profit cancers and cash flow tumours.

We’ve all heard the saying that to get anywhere, you first need to know where you are now… Well, most entrepreneurs have absolutely no clue. Like an undiagnosed cancer patient, they don’t realize what’s happening, until a ‘deadly’ virus sucks the last drop of ‘blood’ out of their business.

You don’t have to be one of them.

How much would it be worth to your bottom-line profits if you had clear-cut answers to the following puzzling questions, you don’t know the answers to...?

  • WHY your current promotions underperform.
  • WHY your clients are not loyal enough.
  • Why you’re feeling disgusted each time you think about your earnings.
  • WHY you constantly attract the wrong prospects/clients that make your life miserable.
  • WHY you’re working harder and harder for less and less gross margin.
  • WHY you continue to come up short in sales and marketing.
  • WHY you constantly need to worry about “where the next job is coming from” just to pay the bills.

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This breakthrough Business Marketing Autopsy™ will strip your business naked right in front of your eyes in less than 29 minutes. The good thing is you’re the only one watching! Using 87 carefully selected questions, the Marketing Autopsy ‘X-RAY’ will scan and review each dimension of your marketing activities producing a personalised, confidential report that identifies exactly where YOU need to focus to immediately increase YOUR profits and reduce YOUR costs.

The 87 questions are independently weighted based on 20+ years of research of the relative value of each question to your bottom line and marketing competitive advantage.

This will open your eyes, shift your thinking and expose the areas in your business that may be sick, infected and possibly cancerous. It will STOP the profit leaks in your business immediately.

It will expose what _ _ _t you subconsciously keep telling yourself that keeps you stuck, frustrated and angry with the results you produce in your business and life.

This could be just the WAKE UP CALL you need to save your business from further losses a catastrophe or worse, eventual bankruptcy.

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If you’re focused on producing exponential results and quantum leaps in your business, you have to face the facts. Because only then can you start making intelligent decisions, decisions that could make the difference between squeezing meagre earnings out of your business to belting out maximum profits year after year.

This questionnaire will open your eyes and help you focus on critical areas in your business where little effort equals massive momentum and maximum profit improvement.

If a recession was to strike tomorrow, would you go under, barely survive or THRIVE?

That largely depends on the actions you’re taking TODAY and on your willingness to face cold, hard reality.
You cannot see what’s lurking inside your business with your eyes alone. Just the way you can’t see if a person has or doesn’t have a deadly cancer in his/her body.

Early detection and diagnosis is the key to beating cancer.
The sooner you know, the greater are the chances of survival.
The same is true for business.

Don’t like the negative perspective of preventive medicine to avoid disease? I don’t blame you.

Look at the positive side of things – Imagine shedding that extra tyre around your corporate waistline – how much faster would you be in comparison to your competitors?

How many more races (contracts, sales, orders, projects) could you win?

If you had a step-by-step and click-by-click training regimen that pointed out each one of your Next Best Steps™, one after the other in the proper sequence, how fit and healthy do you think you’d be in a few weeks?

You don’t have to be fighting a life-threatening illness or disease to use the marvels of the Business Marketing Autopsy™‘X-RAY’ machine. You can use it like elite athletes – to reveal incremental improvements that shed seconds of the personal best (PB) times so they not only qualify for the Olympics, but stand on the winner’s podium with a medal hanging from their necks!

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