WARNING: Do Not Read This If Your Business Name Is Nike, Coca Cola, Apple, Disney, Google, IBM or 3M

The Simple Truth About Your Company Name And How You Could Lose Up To $100,000 In The Next Year If You Make This One Simple Mistake!

Dear fellow business owner or marketing director,

Getting your business venture off the ground with the wrong company name is like setting out to play a game of golf with just one golf club. You’ll probably sink a few putts, but from you won’t have the odds in your favour to win the game.

A company name is one of the most difficult things to change…administrative issues, marketing costs, the loss of brand equity… it’s like building your business all over again…brick by brick. That’s why it’s important to get it right from the beginning. Giving your business or website a winning name is one of the most important decisions you will ever make...and the first step in the journey to success.


Let’s consider an example…

Several years ago the American mathematician Edward Kasner asked his nine-year-old nephew Milton Sirotta to invent a name for a monstrous number… ten to the power of a hundred... the number 1 followed by a hundred zeros. Milton came up wit the name “googol". The term “googol” later appeared in Mathematics and the Imagination, a book Edward Kasner co-authored with James Newman. Another mathematician later invented a new term “googolplex" representing ten to the power of a googol - a significantly larger number.

In 1995, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, students at Stanford University began collaborating on a highly promising search engine called BackRub. The success of this venture began to attract investors. Searching for an appropriate name the founders, Larry and Sergey, settled on a name which as you may have guessed…created history… on September 7, 1998 Google Inc opened for business.

GoogleNow the world’s most popular search engine, you’d agree that Google, a name that appears senseless to most people is just perfect. A name that stands out from the competition.

The Google brand sits perfectly with the company’s mission to organise the seemingly infinite amount of information that’s available on the web... a mission that challenges the core of Google’s business, with the Internet continuing to grow exponentially every single day...

Imagine what would have happened if the company had been named BackRub!

Do you think the name would merit the world’s most popular search engine?

How much would it cost the company to change the name?

What would the customers and stakeholders have to say about the change?

Would the media jump at the opportunity to ridicule the company?

...you get it?

How Does Your Company Name Stack Up?

Does your company or business have a name that stands out from the competition? Or is it lost in a sea of bland names that does not create a point of difference from your competitors.

Does your business name give your prospects and suspects a reason to buy your products or hire you for your services?

Does your business name help in establishing a brand for your company?

So how do you give your business a name that’s a true winner?

Many business owners start by asking friends or family members to suggest a name for their business.

Big Mistake!


Because your family or close friends are not going to be your biggest customers…

Say for example an entrepreneur, thrilled about the prospect of starting an IT services company consulted family and friends to name the new company Peakit Communications… based on the company’s ability to offer top quality IT services.

What does the business name Peakit say to you?

Does it evoke thoughts of a company that you can rely on to take care of your IT needs?

Do you think this company will have quality trainers who can offer the best IT training solutions to your employees?

Does it make the company sound so good that it’s customers just cannot wait to use their services?

Of course it doesn’t!

Going by the name alone, prospects and suspects would not be able to determine the nature of the business or the services offered in the first place. The business name gives no clue to the product, service or the industry that it operates in.

The perfect business name – it doesn’t get simpler than this!

There’s been a lot written and said about how to think of the perfect name for a business. Many experts will tell you that abstract names are the best…to draw an image on a blank slate that would relate to a name. Others will tell you to think of a name that relates to your business, so customers know what you are selling.

Some believe that the best approach is to use coined names created from made-up words as these words can easily be memorized. Opponents of this theory claim that coined names are easily forgotten.

So how do you emerge through the confusion and give your business a name with absolute clarity?

From Bland to Brand!

Everything You Will Ever Need To Know To Give Your Company or Website The Perfect Name…In One Easy-to-Follow Guide

Bland To BrandFrom Bland to Brand is an easy to follow system that cuts through the hype and explains everything you need to know to give your business or website the perfect name.
Getting a competitive edge and clearly positioning your business is a key step to generating consistent returns. Which is why focusing on getting your company name right is so important. Your business name should reflect the value that it will provide for your customers.

From Bland to Brand is guaranteed to help you find the ideal name for your business and will reveal:

  • 8 mistakes you should never make in naming your business
  • 19 steps you must follow in deciding your business you

The priceless compilation of tips and strategies in From Bland to Brand will save you hours of needless frustration and help you find the right name for your business without any fuss.

Big businesses spend hundreds of thousands and some millions of dollars on market research and months of testing before deciding on a name for their new company or product launch…even then they sometimes get it wrong and make a hasty retreat…

From Bland to Brand makes this task incredibly simple. This blueprint to naming your company or website is all you will ever need as you start to learn…

  • Some of the mistakes that you must avoid
  • Why friends, family and colleagues could mean a recipe for disaster when selecting a name for your business
  • The problem with the “train-wreck” method of creating a business name
  • Why you should avoid using the “Atlas Method” in crating a business name
  • What you need to do to guard yourself against obscure business names
  • The biggest problem with using plain words for your business name
  • How your pride can get in the way of a killer business name

…and more

You will also learn the 19-steps to be followed to crystallize a memorable business name…

…remember, customers who know your business name or can find you easily on the internet are more likely to buy from you.

Here’s what the 19 step process to find a brilliant name for your business with ease and confidence will teach you…

  • The essential first step that takes the confusion out of getting started
  • How to generate “keywords” that relate to your business
  • Harnessing the power of homonyms, mottos and clichés to crank out a killer business name
  • What you should ask yourself about your products and services as they relate to your customers
  • What you should know about your customers to make your company name relevant to the target market
  • How to decide if your name should appear in the company name
  • The right way to test your business name before giving it the stamp of approval

...these steps and more will make it as easy as A-B-C to give your business the perfect name.

  • You don’t need any special gifts or talents
  • You don’t need a degree in marketing and…
  • You DEFINITELY don’t need to spend thousands making a BRAND CONSULTANT rich!


You need to spend time working on your business, and not spend hours on end agonizing over how you should find the perfect business name…

From Bland to Brand From Bland to Brand gives you a step-by-step formula that will help you give your company or website a name that is targeted to your audience, relevant and give shape to a “brand” that is destined for success.

Yes, there’s a ton of material that you can find on the internet about the “right way to name a business”… you can end up wasting hours of your time searching for this information... and getting even more confused

…or you can take the easier option and follow the simple formula…

From Bland to Brand.

It takes the confusion out of the process and puts you in control of giving your company or website a name that spells success.

So what’s a fair price to pay for learning the secrets to giving your company or website the perfect name…

…with absolute clarity and without spending thousands on   brand consultants or days of agonizing over your decision?

The ideas and strategies that you will read may appear simple… but have been put together based on 20 years of experience, consulting with more than 2,000 companies across 200 industries, who produce exponential results including finding more than 2 million leads whilst creating in excess of $200 Million in wealth for company owners and shareholders!

This system has been tried, tested and fine tuned to perfection…condensed to just 19 steps that anyone can follow.

You don’t have to turn into a marketing guru but you must be willing to FOLLOW THE STEPS if you want exponential results to emerge victorious in an intensely competitive marketing battlefield. 

Considering that your business name is one of your most valuable assets, and the value you will get from applying the procedure clearly outlined, From Bland to Brand, can easily command a price tag of $97 if not $197, $297 even $497…

….more so because it can help you avoid making a mistake in your business!

However as you are a valued subscriber, the $97 cost has been WAIVED…

…so go ahead and download From Bland to Brand  INSTANTLY…

and unleash the Exponential Potential within your business.


Onward and upward!

Dr Marc Dussault

Dr Marc Dussault

The Exponential Growth Strategist


I know that the chances are that you already have your company or brand name(s), but here’s the thing… What’s in a name change?

Let me give you one dramatic example:

Case Study #1

Bland: AGB Solutions Pty Ltd.

Brand: The Gourmet Guardian and the URL www.AustralianFoodSafety.com.au.

Result: A 506% Increase in website visitors and a 312% click-through rate (CTR) increase due ONLY to the name change!

This is just one brilliant example of how profitable and transformational a name change can be. Of course you’ve already figured out that if you have a great company name, you can focus on creating better product or services names...

So, the only question is: When should I engage in a name change to go from Bland To Brand?

Answer: Y-ES-T-E-R-D-A-Y!!!

Bland To Brand

GET IT NOW! The Simple Formula For Finding An Extraordinary Business Name Without Lining The Pockets Of Expensive Marketing Consultants Or Losing Millions Of Dollars In Sales Because Of ONE Wrong Decision!