1% Improvements are quick and easy

Today’s post is about a 1% improvement that is quick and easy and FREE.

It can pay HUGE dividends over and over again.

It’s actually TWO strategies in one.

First it’s about having an autoresponse system that when you are away from the office at an event or on leave, you have your e-mails autoresponded – but not just with a standard “I’m out of the office” message, but with something more valuable for your clients… Like David Lourdes has done below.

The second strategy is hyperlinking to my event – the Bootcamp. That means some people will click on it and go to my site. That costs nothing for David and nothing for me. It’s totally exponential.

I know that there is no sale to the Bootcamp to be made since the event is taking place, but it’s the FUTURE events, the goodwill and INTEREST I am interested in…

David is showing his suspects, prospects and clients that he is seeking out the BEST strategies for them – continuing his personal and professional development to help them…

He is aligning himself with my pre-eminence. He is creating reciprocity that I MUST acknowledge and act on – hence this Blog post…

Can you see how EASY it is to make a 1% improvement that makes a difference?

It’s so easy, yet so few people do it!

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

I am signing off with Dr Marc Dussault – not to be formal, but to improve my SEO rankings. I will be discussing that on the Internet Mastery Blog.

The other point I wanted to make is that when you start to make 1% improvements, they all add up. You know that from watching my 1% Improvement YouTube video.

When you Google “1% improvement – I have the top position, but that’s an Internet strategy…

The point is STOP trying to make the BIG changes and improvements. Stick to the 1%. They all add up to way more than the BIG STUFF YOU NEVER END UP DOING ANYWAY!

I mean that in a good way, I really do!

1 Response to “1% Improvements are quick and easy”

  • Hi Marc,

    I love David Lourdes’s auto responder. It is definitely exponential and gives added value to his clients.

    Doing 1% improvement is not hard, you are right, it is so much easier than trying to do massive improvement all at once.

    Since the Bootcamp, I have been doing several 1% improvements everyday by:

    1. Recommends people on my LinkedIn network and ask them to reciprocate (www.linkedin.com/in/martaarisandip)
    2. Filled out my summary and areas of expertise to increase my profile percentage.
    3. Accept more invitations from others to grow my network.
    4. Get one of the website portfolios blog up and running (http://www.homedeclutterandfun.com/blog)
    5. Put You Tube video on the site

    Thank you for the constant inspiration, Marc…

    Marta of http://www.homedeclutterandfun.com

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