16 Ways to grow your business

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If you could do just one of these things a day, imagine what would be possible:

  1. Write a new short blog post about something you saw through Google Alerts.
  2. Post a useful comment on a forum or blog that your perfect customers commonly frequent.
  3. Send a Top 10 list or helpful article to your clients and prospects.
  4. Make one phone call to a new buyer to thank them for their business.
  5. Distribute just one article to an e-online article directory so your prospect can find out about what you know.
  6. Get a Flip cam and create a short 60-second video with a tip your clients and prospects would find useful (making sure your website is mentioned in the video) – and post it on YouTube.
  7. Put up a new blog post – and make sure you use a service like Pingomatic.com to get your blog out to the proper places.
  8. Find one new holiday or unusual event coming up and plan out a promotion you can tie into it. For example: did you know the following reasons for a promotion are coming up?

April is International Customer Loyalty Month
Pets Are Wonderful Month
Financial Literacy Month
April 3rd: National Find-A-Rainbow Day, Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day, American Circus Day
April 6: Student Athlete Day, Twinkie’s 1st introduced (1930), TV Dinner’s introduced (1954)
April 8: International Bird’s Day, Buddha’s B-day
April 10: National Siblings Day, Golfer’s Day, Safety Pin patented (1849)

9.   Surprise one of your customers today with an endorsement of them to your entire database.

10.   Send out a press release or announcement to your local papers about a newsworthy item you can share.

11.   Ask a mentor of yours (or mastermind member) for help creating one new strategy you can implement to grow your business this year.

12.   Share some good news with those on your database (they are sick and tired of bad news … it’s everywhere!)

13.   Do something for yourself today that gives you a treat for all the hard work you do.

14.   Ask your customers to share their favorite picture and story of their kids or pets.

15.   Read one chapter out of your favorite inspirational or motivational book and blog about it.

16.   Write out a few notes about why you started your business and what fires you up the most about what it is you do – it’ll help you find more ways to grow your business, doing what you enjoy most

If you did just ONE of those things a day for the next few days … what kind of a difference do you think it would make to your business?

I dare you.

No … I double dare you.

THAT, my friend, IS the magic pill for success.

Consistent, forward moving actions that drive you closer and closer to achieving your goals.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and any ideas you have to share on how you hold yourself accountable to those single actions that MUST get done daily.

Small business mastery is ALL about doing the little things that add up to big things.

What small things are you going to do TODAY
that push you onward and upward ?

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