20 Tips To Boost Direct Mail Response Part 1 of 2

Today’s post is the first of a two-part list of 20 Tips to Boost Your Direct Mail Response. Direct Mail is still a very effective way to market your products and services. To learn the art and science of Direct Marketing, you should consider our Killer Kopywriting System.

20 Tips To Boost Your Direct Mail Response Part 1 Of 2

  1. Decide exactly to whom you will be mailing. This is the first step and the most important step. Do this one wrong and nothing else will go right. Segment your list as precisely as you can active/inactive accounts, male/female, suspects/prospects, etc.
  2. Decide which specific action you want your reader to take, this is the CALL TO ACTION. Without it, NOTHING HAPPENS!
  3. Create an outer envelope or other packaging for your mailing. Its primary goal is to get people to open it and study the contents. The more intriguing it is, the better!
  4. Come up with an offer that your prospects can’t possibly ignore. Be outrageous and provocative and see what happens. Volkswagen had a very successful campaign in the 1990’s in Canada when they launched the Golf with two bicycles and the roof rack INCLUDED in the purchase!
  5. Write a headline and P.S. that compel your prospect to read your letter. EVERYONE reads the P.S. and it MUST have the CALL TO ACTION in it!!!!
  6. Describe your offer in the most enticing terms possible, this is Kalled Killer Kopywriting that Konverts Klients!
  7. Explain the results your offer will deliver, the main benefits provided rather than the FEATURES and SPECIFICATIONS.
  8. Describe why your prospect MUST consider your offer. If you are struggling in your career and feel like you’ve been ostracised by your colleagues, you’re probably right. There’s one reason and guess what? You can fix it immediately when we’ll show you how on day 2 of our Advanced Leadership Workshop!
  9. Give your prospect other key benefits of your offer, not just one singular reason to consider your offer. For example “At the Leadership Workshop, you’ll also learn how to create a High Performance Team that manages itself with MINIMAL supervision, you’ll also learn how to become the preeminent source of information that will put you or keep you on the corporate fast track, well ahead of your peers!”
  10. Show that you know who your prospect is by using terms, syntax and vocabulary you know they feel comfortable with. For example, “The dental mold material has a quicker setting time and half the volume requirement which is ideal for patients with a strong gag reflex without compromising elasticity whilst maintaining precision and accuracy for crown moldings.”

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