2009 Bootcamp Fun

Well it was bound to happen – we’d get caught on film having the time of our lives… at the 2009 Exponential Business Building Bootcamp. The few photos attached below are testimony to the great group we had – others had to leave to catch flights. (Note to self: take the photo midway when everyone is there!).

Anyway, here is the first photo – the STANDARD SHOT – very UNexponential, but quite professional – don’t YOU want to do business with this mob?

2009 Bootcamp Participants

2009 Bootcamp Participants

Of course, being exponential enthusiasts, we couldn’t hold back or hide our enthusiasm very long…

2009 Bootcamp Graduates

2009 Bootcamp Graduates

But you’re wondering what the individual faces look like… Here are just a few ‘highlights’ – sure looks like fun – and this is a BUSINESS BUILDING EVENT!!!

2009 Bootcamp - Gerard Spriet "You Da Man! Pose"

2009 Bootcamp - Gerard Spriet "You Da Man! Pose"

2009 Bootcamp - David Conroy's "Yeah This Has Been Awesome! Pose"

2009 Bootcamp - David Conroy's "Yeah This Has Been Awesome! Pose"

2009 Bootcamp - Caylene Vincent's "If I could Jump Higher, I would! pose"

2009 Bootcamp - Caylene Vincent's "If I could Jump Higher, I would! pose"

5 Responses to “2009 Bootcamp Fun”

  • Hi Marc,

    as one of those who had to fly out before the final session was over I missed being in the shot but I can certainly atest to it being the most memorable business building bootcamp I have ever been to.

    The people make a huge difference. These are definitely people I want to do business with because I have seen them at work in the process and I know they have the mindset and the resolve to be successful.

    And the process continues to improve. You have done an amazing job of taking your expenential business growth strategies and the values and mindset that created them and making them understandable and accessible to everyone. And they can be applied to so many different business models and industries. Just a quick survey of some of the business types represented is:
    – low cost electronics manufacture
    – research and development consultancy
    – Gym
    – online directory
    – IT and web services
    – search engine optimisation and website hosting
    – exponential business growth strategist
    – engineering education
    – pet store and services
    – plumber
    – customer service training
    – precious metals investments
    – sewing classes
    – flipping websites for profit
    – copywriter
    – accounting services
    – dental supplies and equipment
    – personal breakthrough coach
    – custom jeweller
    – food safety certification and audit
    – butcher
    – artist and cartoonist

    I’m sure I missed some. But that shows just how powerful your strategies are because so many diverse business types and operating models are all benefitting from them.

    Whether it is an Internet based business or a ‘brick and mortar’ business with a shop front, factory or van; this is the best place to be if you want to learn how to succeed at business.

    Thanks and again for such a valuable and rewarding program,

    Ray Keefe

  • Ray, this is an awesome blog post comment. I thank you for being so exponential about it. I will include it in this afternoon’s Bootcamp Bonus Broadcast as an additional gift that I know Bootcamp Graduates will appreciate!

  • I must agree with Ray and say that this Exponential Business Building Bootcamp was the best so far. It is true that the mastermind group that is created by the people who attend is phenomenal. Everyone has a different business, skill set and perspective but are driven and tapped into the exponential mindset.

    It is a wonderful thing to be part of seeing people learn these exponential growth strategies and have breakthroughs that will either bring more prospects into there business, give more value to there clients but in essence change their lives for their family and loved ones.

    What is truly exponential about these strategies is that Marc delivers them in a way that is best for the individual. Tapping into what each person needs most to take their next best step in life and business. Each bootcamp Marc and the group of driven business men and women give more of themselves making it a priceless event not to be missed!

    I know with out a doubt that I will be at the next one! Each time i come with a reason and leave knowing the reason i came in with was not the reason i was there. Friggin’ Awesome stuff!

    Thanks Marc, Monica and everyone who attended this year and those who are keen for the next!

    Paul Telling T-E-L-L-I-N-G
    Creative Communications Creator and Graphic Facilitator
    Pauls Site
    Visualise and Monetise!

  • This Blog post is a timely Pick me Up!
    A week after the most fantastic bootcamp where I felt like I could do absolutely anything, I will go out on a limb by saying I feel the energy levels fading ever sooooo slightly.
    I need a simple tip from all the graduates on how to maintain the bar height.
    When you are with like minded people it is Easy, whilst you are on the F1 circuit. But when you get off the F1 racetrack and ease back into the traffic…
    Does anyone else feel this way?


  • What a great blog post!

    This was my first Exponential Bootcamp and it was fun & fantastic!


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