3 Tips On How To Sell In A Recession

Selling in a recession means doing things are well… different. Today’s post has a few examples that will amuse you, but these are GREAT ideas that should spark your innovative and creative thinking skills so you can start to ask “How can I use this concept to sell more to my market?” The first example will have you saying “why didn’t I think of that?!?!?!” Read on as you learn to recession-proof yourself.

Selling In A Recession Tip #1: One person’s misfortune becomes some else’s treasure

Nothing is more useless than the gifts and jewelry your ex gave you. www.ExBoyfriendJewelry.com lists rings, watches, bracelets, earrings and other ‘stuff’ with the colourful stories that make the browsing and purchasing experience fun.

Selling In A Recession Tip #2: Underground Real Estate

Yes – underground real estate – car spots for sale… www.Findacarpark.com.au You have to admit this is a GREAT IDEA whose time has come. If you own multiple car spaces and have only one car, you’re losing that extra income every week… If you’re CBD based and don’t have a car – same thing – you’re paying for it in rent or via your mortgage, why not convert that to CASH?!!?  Ka-Ching!

Selling In A Recession Tip #3: Don’t sell it!

If you rarely use your car, you’re going to want to consider www.GoGet.com.au. It’s like owning a car without the costs and hassles – car sharing that actually works. Saving the planet and your pocketbook at the same time. GREAT IDEA!

Even though these are web-based examples, the point is that these are recession-busting BUSINESS MODELS that make sense to the target audience. Ask yourself – what can I do differently to meet my clients’ needs? The more creative you are, the more exponential your results will be.

I call this being antimimeticisomorphichaving fun doing out-of-the-ordinary things that create extra-ordinary results with the least amount of effort at the lowest cost.

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  • Some Great Ideas Here, I just wanted to add another option to the mix. It appears there is a growing number of people looking to cash in on making some additional income via renting car park space. The more i look into this the more parking sites i actually see for sale. Renting space is great some some consistent income but selling unused space in Australias CBD areas is a great way to inject some major cash into the savings account.

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