5 Tips To Bring More Customers To Your Shop

The pandemic has forced physical stores and businesses to adapt to new safety regulations. Many companies modified the store layout to encourage better social distancing methods. Additionally, countless businesses continue to implement masks and hand sanitiser policies. Yet, despite all the changes, customers can be slow to come back to your shop. Unfortunately, for many businesses, online interactions are not an option in the long term. How can you encourage your customers to come back to your shop? 

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#1. Introduce a loyalty program

Loyalty programs are a favourite in online shops. Customers who commit to purchase receive marketing communication encouraging them to purchase again. Loyalty programs are highly effective, whether it is a VIP discount or even a juicy incentive to turn new visitors into customers. However, loyalty strategies are not new. Loyalty cards have been around for several years, helping shops to build a returning audience. Physical stores can use these programs to drive footfall and offer unique discounts to their frequent customers. 

#2. Share your latest news on social media

Websites have a unique advantage: They can constantly change their content. Boutique shops, on the other hand, can’t create excitement through renewed content. However, you can use digital media to share your latest news. Instagram stories are a hugely popular strategy to create a buzz about your business. You can show the behind-the-scene preparation in the morning before opening the shop, for instance. It’s also the perfect portal to boast about new products in-store or even introduce your team. 

#3. Reach out to your local audience

More often than not, people don’t visit your shop because they have developed new habits during the pandemic. It’s time to remind them about your shop. Why not create a direct mail campaign targeting your local area? With the helo of a mailing house partner, you can build an effective campaign that will reach your audience group. Contrary to common belief, DM campaigns can be highly successful. The physicality of the campaign makes it more memorable. 

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#4. Make sure everybody knows when you’re open

Have your opening times changed during the pandemic? Most businesses have been working on shorter days when they could open. Others have been forced to shut for an extended period. So, it’s worth checking that the information displayed on Google Maps is accurate. If you haven’t claimed your Google Maps presence yet, you can get your business on the map for free using Google My Business. If you already have an existing account, log into your profile to adjust opening times. 

#5. Be vocal about your Covid strategy

Quite frankly, a lot of people are still concerned about Covid safety. As a result, they actively avoid physical stores. Letting them know about your health and safety strategy could make them feel at ease. It’s something you can share on your social media and your Google Map presence. Adding a written notice at the front of your business will also help visitors stay up-to-date with your Covid policy. Contrary to common belief, fewer people are likely to be put off by mask and sanitising policies. Many customers prefer approaches that keep them safe.  

Bringing visitors back to your shop in a post-pandemic world can be tricky. However, communication is crucial to your success. From sharing the latest news to introducing your loyalty programs, the more you talk about your shop, the more people notice you.  

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