64 Great Headlines

I recently came across this great list of articles. The reason they stood out is because they had great headlines.

Killer Kopywriting™ is a skill I teach my clients. One of the foundational principles of great copywriting is to assemble great examples, I call them Killer Kopywriting Kases™, many copywriters call them swipe files.

When you review this list, you’ll learn some of the tips, tricks and techniques of writing a great headline:

  1. Keep it short and to the point (even though a long headline can still work very well).
  2. Include the value proposition (why someone would want to keep reading).
  3. Create INSTANT/IMMEDIATE interest, intrigue and value.


1 Response to “64 Great Headlines”

  • I don’t like to be thought of as someone who has to have instant gratification to be happy, but I have to admit that I would stop and read about 40 of those articles just by the headline alone. I also think that being short and to the point is something to be valued in everyday society. I wish some people would just hush up and get to the point at times. It would make things work so much smoothly and efficiently.

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