A picture is worth a thousand lost clients

We have all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but a TERRIBLE picture can lose you 1,000 clients. This photo was taken from a Facebook page for a restaurant. You be the judge – would you want to eat there?

It’s no surprise (to me) that this restaurant is struggling to attract customers. It counts on its Facebook page for referrals – can you see a problem here?!?!

Today’s lesson – check ALL the photos you have online and ask SOMEONE ELSE who will be honest with you if it helps you or hurts you/your brand to have it online.

If you can’t afford professional photos – then don’t put any up.

DON’T USE STOCK PHOTOS for your products, that’s transparent and you’ll lose credibility and trust.

Please comment below to reinforce how bad this image is!

4 Responses to “A picture is worth a thousand lost clients”

  • Every now and then people’s intelligence amazes me – this is one of them. Who in their right mind with a food business would put this up to advertise for more people to dine in there restaurant?!?!?!

  • Perhaps they need some training as this plate looks like what is returned to the kitchen when the customer doesn’t finish their meal….though by the looks of it, I wouldn’t eat it either.

    Nothing some kitchen training from the Gourmet Guardian wouldn’t fix. You see good for can look great and be safe at the same time. Some people just need some help.

    Eat well. Eat safe!

    Gavin Buckett
    Founder and Managing Director
    The Gourmet Guardian

  • In food business, presentation really is the very basic thing to use for marketing. Good photos will really attract customers and give them the curiosity to check your food out.

    Who will come in to check in your food if that type of image is being presented? My suggestion is, if you can’t afford to hire some professional to take the picture, you can do it yourself by just being creative and make sure the product you are selling is also presentable and appealing.

    I used to work on a coffee shop where my boss asked me to take a picture for our new promo, so what I did was did my best latte art and took as many pictures with different angles and fortunately they liked it and after posting those shots in the shop, it shows how effective that strategy was.

  • Unfortunately a lot of people are unaware of the quick spread of information on Facebook- once it has been posted, it’s out there for the whole world to see! This will be a very damaging blow to the restaurant.

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