Are You Harnessing The Power Of Visual Analytics In Your Business?

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Analytics has earnt itself a bad reputation for being boring making people think of spreadsheets, percentages, numbers. Although these three things can get some people out of bed in the morning they can also make other people’s eyes glaze over and send them straight off to sleep. What’s the answer? Visual analytics. In our increasingly digital world, we are more exposed than ever to visual media in the form of images, gifs, graphics and videos and our brains simply get bored unless stimulated by bright, colourful and interactive subjects. Visual analytics combines data-driven analysis with visual presentation providing a fun and stimulating way to process business data.

What are the benefits of visual analytics?

  • It stands out
    Visual analytics is a modern way to deal with data sets looking clean, crisp and current helping you to stand out as a business at the forefront of your sector. Visual representations stand out on presentations, white papers and marketing material helping people to engage with your findings.

  • It aids understanding
    With visual analytics, you can explain your data patterns to anyone, even if they have no understanding of analytics. Turn seeing into an understanding with visual representations of complex data which can help those without data-driven minds to see patterns within the data.

  • It speeds up analysis
    Analysing data can be a long and tedious task. Visual analytics helps to quickly summarize key facts and presents them in a way that is easy to understand across the team.

Where can you use visual analytics?

Visual analytics is extremely diverse and can be used across any area of your business where you harness data, including but not limited to;

  1. In marketing
    Turn key performance indicators, return on investment, campaign performance and budget figures into something people want to see in their marketing dashboard with visual analytics. Set your own metrics and goals and monitor live performance updates all from a sleek and sharp interface that can be accessed across multiple devices – no more shared spreadsheets.

  2. In sales
    Monitor the progress of your leads and achieve actionable insights by creating a visual sales pipeline that can be shared across your sales team and to senior members of staff. Watch the progress made in real-time as your sales team work towards their goals enabling you to better reward outstanding achievements and motivate your team to meet their targets.

  3. When doing research
    See the bigger picture and any underlying connections between the data by making your research visual. Quickly spot any important relationship between the data and create eye-catching visual representations of what you find which can then be used in your marketing or other research papers to demonstrate your findings.

  4. When looking at finance
    Whether you are keeping track of project costs, department budgets or expanding your business, visual representations can help both finance officers and the rest of the team to see what money they have left and where the money is going. By making budget figures accessible and transparent team members can learn how to make better spending choices.

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