Attitude versus aptitude

“Success is not determined by attitude, but rather aptitude.” — Dr Marc Dussault
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  • This is a really important topic. I think this would be an interesting topic to hear more on (especially from Marc). In truth Marc teaches one to improve their aptitude.

    My basic view on aptitude is that aptitude is a result of natural talent plus that which you apply as a result of attitude. One can learn specific or generic methods and practice to improve skills regards circumstance so that they can be more apt. Generic skills and the parallels that can be applied form specific skills impact how well you adpat. However if one can not read the situation one can not be apt. In the circumstance of deception one can not be as apt. Self awareness, measurement, testing and getting feedback helps one address any self deceptions (false assumptions, cognitive bia) and to identify strengths and weaknesses and one must lear
    n to prioritize well. The starting point is to know ones goals, make a plan and revisit. In this age of information there is much distraction, disinformation and deception. It is often relevant to seek advice around areas that are not your expertise, so that you can get to be apt. Being apt therefore is not done best entirely alone, however one must avoid group think and tendency to be tied to norms. Having good relations with different people from different background and with those you know will have a different opinion will hone your discernment, especially where you are not the expert. Also being apt is at least as much about what you say no to and do not choose as it is about what you choose (Marc told me that one). Well this has been useful for me to think about this. I can see that which I have said which I could apply better. It pays to think a little on critical success factors like aptitude. Perhaps it would be good to rate oneself on this a few times a year to improve one’s aptness in what is becoming a more rapidly changing ecosystem of economics, weather, technology, markets etc

  • How Does One Find a Reliable Finance Expert so one can make apt choices? (I think a lot of people will be having similar thoughts as this and perhaps you might blog on this topic Marc.)

    It is hard even for most financiers to read what will happen to property and interest rates… regards considering the unsustainable quantitative easing of federal reserve and the continued move of trading away from US dollars in other countries transactions.

    It looks like it wont be too far away before we see a major fall out for US dollar and Fed situation. The increased friction in the middle east and the relationship with USA and other nations like Russia and China is looking worse for USA.

    Who will be able to say what this will do to Australia. China, Japan and India are our major export customers all who sell mostly to USA. This really will be a global impact.

    All I can think is to have some control and fix at least some of my interest rates. The reality is what one needs is a picture of the relationships of the taps and flows of how each of the main things influence each other. This would be as useful as entity diagrams are in IT. I believe that there will be people who understand the main economic relationships properly and I do not believe most financiers do.

    I would love to be aware that of critical financial information that leads to decision at least from a scenario envisioning perspective. For example is it possible to find someone who can give these answers (a guess at what one needs to know about Australian interest rates and property prices). Perhaps I am looking at this wrongly:
    The fed reserve can only increase the creation of US currency by x amount before US dollar will collapse. This is tracking to happen by x date and with tapering of quantitative easing would go to date y (roughly). Assumption Fed will keep creating currency but be forced to taper and will continue to manipulate to hold interest rates down when really inflation has been high in real terms based on the increase cost of consumables and commodities… which is a global phenomena not just USA as we are connected as part of the fiat currency/central banking of the world.
    The current trend of other nations moving to trade in ways to exclude US dollars (e.g. interbank like Westpac and ANZ with China; Iran trading Oil outside of US dollars; a move to more SDR’s)
    Due to the data in 1 above the tapering of quantitiative easing will cause Australian dollar to go down (guess) and Australian interest rates will then do what?
    USA had a more sizable correction in property prices than Australia and we currently have property prices rising and not enough supply of residential housing in most cities. However if US dollar crashes then what??? Whilst the demand for housing wont go away will interest rates rise and property prices tank or what?

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