Entrepreneur Awards 2011

Exponential Entrepreneur Of The Year 2011 Award Winners

The following are the recipients of this year’s awards.

They are presented to entrepreneurs and business people who have demonstrated excellence, deploying exponential strategies in their business by profitability creating exceptional value for their clients in a way that is both measurable and sustainable.

The awards are presented by Dr Marc Dussault The Exponential Growth Strategist, business coach, advisor and mentor.

Karen Bonanno – KB Enterprises – Queensland Consultant

Karen Bonanno, Library Management Systems, School Management Systems

Karen Bonanno 2011 Exponential Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Winner With Dr Marc Dussault

Karen Bonanno is the first non-Platinum Program Member to be awarded this prestigious prize awarded to only 3 entrepreneurs this year.

Karen has accomplished to deploy so many individual improvement that all we can do here is summarise the most salient.

  • She merged two websites that tripled her organic traffic within the first month.
  • In the next 30 days, she was generating at least 5 new leads per week.
  • She improved her (page ranking (PR) by one level in less than 90 days.
  • Karen has optimized her library management blog posts by incorporating visual, auditory and kinesthetic elements as well as leveraging organic Google search results by using key word rich SEO strategies we taught her.
  • Using Killer Kopywriting™ techniques her database increased by 100% in just one Killer Kampaign™.
  • Her suite of library management education programs is now set up so conversations with clients can be fully automated.
  • Karen utilizes web utilities to capture data and information that connects her to clients and automates the dissemination of the content to multiple social network spaces (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+).
  • A new addition to her consultancy business – education focused webinars – Karen sources her topics by monitoring and contributing to relevant discussion lists and forums in which her clients engage.  Having built up an extensive network of professional contacts (physically and virtually) in her niche market, she sources knowledgeable colleagues and education experts to present at monthly webinars.  The automated evaluation system in the webinar environment means she is continually sourcing feedback, comments and additional questions for future topics and ideas.   In addition, this provides a rich source of client testimonials.
  • Her recent success means she is often invited to speak at education seminars and conferences including a keynote address at a national conference of her major client group.
  • Karen also writes various education, school and library management articles for national newsletters and journals that are published for her niche audience.
  • She states that her best purchase was a portable whiteboard where she maps out her Pathways to Profits™ by identifying the assets she already has and how she can repackage them to add exceptional value for her clients.

The other two 2011 winners are…

They just received their awards – they will be supplying their text very soon!

Bree Robbins – Paddington Pups – Queensland Service Industry

Paddington Pups, Doggy Day Care Brisbane, Brisbane Dog Grooming

Bree Robbins 2011 Exponential Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Winner With Dr Marc Dussault

Ray KeefeSuccessful Endeavours Category: Engineering Consultant

Ray Keefe, Exponential Entrepreneur Award, Dr Marc Dussault

Ray Keefe 2011 Exponential Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Winner With Dr Marc Dussault

Successful Endeavours is Research and Development for hire focusing on the Electronics and the Embedded Software that runs under the covers of most modern products. We support Australian Electronics Manufacturers who are still making their products in Australia. In Victoria, where most of clients are based, this is a $7B industry and we believe it is worth looking after. We do the Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development that creates new products for these local manufacturers that are at the heart of much of the employment in Australia.

Here are a few statistics for the Australian Manufacturing sector:

  • Manufacturing is the largest economic sector in Victoria
  • Manufacturing is the largest employer in Victoria
  • Manufacturing is the largest exporter in Victoria
  • Even in the City of Casey, on the edge of Gippsland, it is still the biggest economic sector
  • In Australia, manufacturing is either directly or indirectly responsible for 29% of all employment
  • For every job directly related to manufacturing, there are 2.5 other jobs created to support it. This is the highest ratio of any of the economic sectors.
  • If we want to boost employment, manufacturing is the most effective way to do that.
  • Manufacturing is the same size in turnover as mining but employs 5 times as many people
  • Most Australian manufacturers are small businesses selling niche or highly specialised equipment, and many are exporters

Over the past 3 years Successful Endeavours and Ray Keefe have been winners or finalist for 15 awards for business and technical excellence:

Having been received both Business of the Year and the Industrial Electronics Design of the year awards shows that we are understand both business and technology. So if you want a product that is technically excellent and also profitable then we know what both sides of that equation look like.

Successful Endeavours is in the business of making Australian Electronics Manufacturers more profitable and more successful through our service offerings of:

The results for our Electronics Manufacturing clients are that the product costs less to manufacture giving them the option to either pocket the extra profits or price themselves to increase their market share. Either way they win.

If you are going to spend your Product Development budget creating a new Electronics Product then it makes sense to get the best ROI, return on that investment, that you can get.

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