In a recent article, the retailer Marks and Spencer admitted boobing on the price of bras. Apparelently they charged more for larger sized bras…

Marks And Spencer Admits Marketing Mistake

Marks And Spencer Admits Marketing Mistake

I can only imagine how this larger-than-life group must have felt.

I fully support them and commit to do whatever it takes to PERSONALLY carry the load while this gets resolved.

I believe Marks and Spencer really missed the point, in that they specifically targeted a group who’s only fault was that they stood out in a crowd.

The un-wanted publicity, for Marks and Sparks, has been ballooning this issue out of control, left and right, bouncing from one media to another, and surprisingly left this corporate giant naked under the consumer magnifying glass, and as one un-named source put it “…the consumer feedback against the decision is completely out of proportion….”   “…and quite honestly they can only HOPE that going back to their original position will relieve some pressure and cushion the blows received over the last couple of weeks…”

One by-stander, in this enormous crowd added “…We are here today, to show support for our big sisters and let the big corporate lingerie companies know that when they make broad ranging decisions like this, without even winking an eye,  WE WILL BE UP FRONT AND IN YOUR FACE….”

A spokesman for Marks and Spencer, who came out for a brief moment much earlier than expected was quoted today as saying, “We have been a major supporter of women’s needs for decades and will continue to be a for a long time to come. However we thought we knew what woman wanted, and have come to the conclusion, based on the obvious frustration, that we were wrong. We are doubling our efforts to ensure that the needs of all women throughout the U.K. are met, and are once again, comfortable in our under garments.”

When asked if he thought these actions would calm the uproar, the spokesman said… “I expect they will… we are doing everything we can, I have lost a lot of sleep over this and a lot of ground with the compeTITion.   I think we can safely say these group of women have been fully satisfied by us, and now if you’ll excuse me I’m a little tired and must get some sleep.”

What else can you say but this has been an eye opening and uplifting experience for Exponential Marketing enthusiasts everywhere!

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