Building the Perfect Public Event for Exposure

Improving your brand awareness is all about getting your name out there. Whether it’s through tough work on the streets to tell people about your brand in person, or clever social media marketing tactics that are planned by your advertising department, there are many ways to expose your brand to the public. However, one of the most effective ways to engage with customers and consumers is to actually attend public events. This can be trade shows, exhibitions, or outdoor events that are related to your company. For instance, if you sell sports drinks, then you might want to try and get a spot at a sporting event to advertise your drinks. If you’re a video game developer, then you want a slot at any gaming convention to show people about your latest products.

However, attending a public event can be stressful, often difficult and very time and money-consuming. To help your next public event be more successful, here are a couple of useful tips that will help promote your brand with ease.

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Talk about the event on social media

The first thing you should do is build up excitement around the event. If you’re going to make a public appearance at a well-known event, then make sure all of your social media followers know about it. If you have a company blog, make sure you post about it and share it on social media as well. The idea is to build up as much gossip around the event as you can, and also to mix yourself into the social media hashtags and handles that other larger companies are using. This will open up your business to exposure, people will wonder who you are and what you offer, and they’re more likely to have a look at your business when the event takes place.

Plan your appearance

Make sure you plan all the promotional materials and marquees that you need. If you’re going to host your event outdoors, then make sure you have a tent or a stall to ensure you’re protected from the effects of weather. You can find more info at if you need a tent that can also support your business’s logo. Make sure you have plenty of staff on hand if the event is going to be a long one and if you have a lot of ground to cover.

Make sure to carry plenty of samples

As long as your products and samples are safe and won’t cause liability claims to be thrown at you, make sure you carry plenty of them and take them to the event to show people. It’s no use turning up to a public event just to talk about your product and show videos or pictures. For example, if you’re selling a new product that’s useful around the house, set up a demonstration and invite people over to look at it. If you’re selling a new type of candy bar, then carry lots of small samples and hand them out to people as they pass by to get them interested.

Give your guests a gift to remember you

Even though you’re probably hanging out free samples, business cards and telling people about your upcoming products, make sure you’re not neglecting to give them something to remember you by. This should be a simple gesture of appreciation, and it could be something simple like a set of pens, a discount coupon for when your product is released, or even just some branded sweets and chocolates. This will help build customer relationships and also ensure that your attendees have something to remember you by.

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Always attend events that are relevant to your business

If you’re going to sell car parts, then you don’t want to show up at a motorboat trade show. If you’re trying to get people interested in your cloud computing solution, then you might have some luck showing up at a video game convention, but you’re better off elsewhere such as a tech exhibition. Make sure that the event you’re attending is in some way related to your business or else you’ll look out of place for all the wrong reasons.

Hire people that have great communication skills

You’re going there for public exposure and to network with people, which is why it’s important to actually speak to others and draw in crowds with fantastic communication skills. If you or your company doesn’t have many people who are great at showing demonstrations and speaking to the public, then you may want to hire someone that can do it for you. Give it a week or two to ensure the person you hire has familiarised themselves with your product, then take them along to the event in order to promote your brand.

Learn to network at the event

Networking is incredibly important at any public event you attend. It’s a good way to size up the competition and also create links with other suppliers and companies that could help your business. For instance, if you’re going to attend a software exhibition with your product, then you might encounter people who are demonstrating a new piece of technology that could boost your own product’s usability and accessibility. Take some time to explore the event as well and connect with people all over.

Keep communications open with the organisers

You should always be in constant communication with the organisers of the event. This is to ensure that any changes made to the event or your space are related to you almost instantly. This usually isn’t much of an issue, but if you plan to make the most of your space or you have time-sensitive demonstrations, then you may want to triple-check your time slot to ensure there are no mistakes or issues that could appear at the last moment.

While attending a public event isn’t very difficult, it’s important to understand how to make the most of your visit and how to get the most public exposure. It’s time-consuming, costs a lot of money, and it’s a lot of effort, yet it’s worth every penny and drop of sweat as long as you put in the work to ensure it’s a success.

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