Business Coaching Checklist

If you’re not sure business coaching will work for you, the following checklist will provide you with a guide to what is involved in using business coaching as a way of helping you develop a greater understanding of business processes and practices, equip you with the skills to improve your potential and performance so you can grow your business efficiently and effectively.  An effective business coach can work with you to expand on these issues to achieve stronger performance in these areas of your business and your life.

1. Identify the problem

Good business coaching begins with separating the behaviour from the person and that in turn means identifying the cause of the problem rather than the effect.  It will therefore be necessary for the business coach to listen to you to discover what the obstacles are that prevent you from attaining optimum performance.  Ensure you are ready for a collaborative partnership to learn and/or achieve business and personal results. More bluntly, be ready to hear what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. Honesty can be brutally hard to accept.

What I do differently as a business coach: First, I teach you the 4 Keys To Success. They enable you to get absolute clarity on your outcomes and goals. Most of my programs come with a Results-Based Guaranteebusiness coach does not guarantee his or her results – you need to ask yourself “Why not?” which means we are both aiming for the measureable result that gets tracked and monitored. If your

2. Discuss strategies

Sometimes problems exist because you may think that your performance is acceptable; with your business coach you’ll be able to get a new perspective on the problems and channel your ideas, goals and challenges to craft cohesive and prioritized strategies that will provide insights which will in turn result in tangible progress that can be tracked with measurable results.

Ask yourself the following questions: How do I get there from here? Where has this worked? What will it cost and what is the return on investment? You can then say to your business coach, “Here’s what I want to do.  What do you know about it and how can you help me?”

Develop strategies that will enable you to work smarter rather than harder, with your focus on the issues and actions that matter the most.  The use of creative problem-solving tools to inspire new ideas and approaches should be adopted these include MindMapping and leveraging a Mastermind Group.

You can benefit from talking to your business coach about your past experiences, goals, plans and skills as well as his/her own career path to develop useful problem solving strategies.  Your business coach will help you discover where you want to go and find effective ways for you to get there by putting in place strategies to achieve both career and life goals.

What I do differently as a business coach: I triangulate, which is a fancy word to say I integrate the strategies of peak performance coach Anthony Robbins, marketing legend Jay Abraham and sales master trainer Brian Tracy. I am the only person I know of that can combine the strategies to Unleash The Exponential Potential™ that is within your business or career with an easy-to-follow process. I also conduct my business coaching creating an Exponential MasterMind Group experience.

3. Agree to a plan of action

A clear plan has to be developed that includes measurable outcomes. You and your coach will agree on the focus and what will change. Set objectives and goals for which your business coachwill provide the necessary support to accomplish; that will include a business plan to ensure that you will be able to maximize sales and profits.  Your goals will have to be continually reassessed to make sure that you are achieving the desired results.

The approach to reaching your goal may sometimes be less about self discovery and more of a ‘how-to’ lesson on career development, so discuss ideas that are pertinent to your goals and objectives Create a comprehensive action plan that will assist you in moving forward and achieving your desired outcome(s).

Since business coaching is an ongoing process you need to set a target number of hours to build rapport with your business coach and really engage with him/her.  Typically 3 months to 2 years is the period within which to produce tangible results; it’s not a magic bullet or a quick fix, your business coach is there to guide you but you will have to be prepared to fix yourself. The focus of the meetings between you and your business coach will be to solve problems, to develop new skills, or to work on objectives described in the plan for change.  Be prepared to take the responsibility for undertaking any agreed strategies and actions.

What I do differently as a business coach: I have created a Business Building Blueprint™ that captures everything you need to do to achieve your goals and outcomes on one single piece of paper.

4. Identify opportunities

Your business coach must have the right skills and also know where and how to get relevant information and know-how that will allow you to tap into a range of resources and get access to the available supportive business building networks where you will be able to build solid relationships.  These relationships will assist you and your business coach to identify new and exciting opportunities for growing your business.

You will have to implement systems for automating your business processes.  This will save you time and money.

What I do differently as a business coach: I will help you find and develop Host-Beneficiary Partnerships to have others help you grow your business for free. They are very complex, but exceptionally potent. Once I’ve shown you how to construct them, you’ll be able to establish your own, multiplying your results geometrically.

5. Develop new skills

business coaching is a very real way to fully leverage learning and change.  You need to assess your own capabilities, strengths and weaknesses and work on developing new skills that will improve your self-discipline, self-motivation and self-confidence to propel you to break through any mental barriers you have.

You may choose to set up a Personal Development Plan for yourself to identify new skills that you need to develop.

What I do differently as a business coach: I introduce you to stuff and things you would never find on your own. For example, I have a website devoted to them, called Antimimeticisomorphism with a secret sister site with a growing collection of examples. When you realise this is what I share for FREE with the public, you can imagine what I keep hidden and secret for my clients! I’ve read over 3,000 academic articles and read more than 100 business books a year (yes, I am a speed reader) so you get the advantage of my acquired knowledge and expertise.

6. Measure performance

business coaching provides a very significant return on investment through improved productivity and clearer communication.  For some people success will be measured in financial results, whereas for others it will be about meeting and exceeding their goals, or career success/satisfaction and climbing the corporate ladder.

Setting up systems to measure and report on the indicators that will provide a snapshot of your business health is one way to measure your performance.

What I do differently as a business coach: I provide a RESULTS-BASED GUARANTEE, which means they have to be measured.

7. Work – life balance

Develop goals for balancing life and work, have your business coach become your accountability partner and assist you to develop practical strategies for balancing your life and business commitments, managing overwork and overwhelm, and managing stress.

What I do differently as a business coach: I am a top 20 world-ranked masters squash player who hasn’t had a sick day in 20 years. I practice what I preach. When you select a business coach, you need to pick one that has the principles you want to live by. Success in business should not come at the cost of your personal life or health. In fact, it should enhance and amplify it.

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