Can Your Marketing Cut Through The Noise?

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How many adverts does the average consumer see in one day? With figures reaching ten thousand, it’s little wonder that most of them are reduced to noise in a screamingly loud arena. The marketplace is absolutely saturated, and more and more brands now are finding that their old strategies aren’t paying off anymore. But the fact remains that marketing is still effective and does generate a return on investment – provided you do it right.

The way that we consume content has changed, and so content marketing is an avenue which helps potential customers to absorb your messages in a much more palatable way. Digital advertising can be highly effective as long as you use demographic data to target it properly and to the right audience. If you manage to create a strong brand that resonates with people, you have a valuable foot in the door.

Creating Trust

Relationship-based marketing activities are now an essential in order to make potential customers more receptive to your messages and promotions. Start by developing your vision and values and finding causes that you can ally with. This gives your business an authenticity which allows you to connect with customers. Consumers state that trust is the second most common reason that they will choose a brand – and they trust brands which are true to themselves. Nailing your colors to the mast may seem intimidating – many small businesses gear alienating anyone and insist that their product or service is for everyone, but powerful messages require you to narrow the appeal. People trust businesses which stand for something and aren’t afraid to communicate that.

Try New Formats

The channels you use to communicate are extremely important. Do your research to find out exactly where your target audience is, and us the information to develop your approach. It could mean working with a podcast agency to produce broadcasts which address topics your audience is invested in, or authoring blog posts which tap into a trend that is capturing their interest. You may need a tool which helps you produce infographics or a campaign across social media channels. Tailor your activity to what the data shows you is needed. Focus on adding value – sharing knowledge to position your business as a thought leader in the field.

Live In The Moment

In a globally connected world, your customer experience is connected to a series of moments. Work out current topics of interest which connect to your mission and give you topics to comment on. This could mean building an editorial calendar of national and international events, or creating a customer journey map which shows the emotions that different personae go through during their purchasing process. If marketing speaks to a customers life and personal experience then it’s far more likely to have an impact. Hunt out exactly what is happening at each stage of their process and respond to that.

Standing out from the crowd and getting your marketing to cut through all the noise isn’t complicated – it just requires an amazing focus on your customers and an understanding of how best to talk to them with the right message at the right time.

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