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As you know, great customer service is rare which is why you want to reward it each and every time you come across it via a referral or testimonial. Today’s post is one such case study – Magnetite, a company dedicated to sound proofing homes and offices. We’ve been living in Sydney’s CBD for over 10 years, in a sub-penthouse unit with a clear and unobstructed view of Sydney Harbour clear to the heads with a spectacular city view. The last thing we want is to have to move because of ambient city noise.

A few years ago, several buildings around us have created ‘echo chambers’ that focus and concentrate ambient city noise thus amplifying it substantially – to the point of disturbing our sleep at night. We searched high and wide for someone to solve the problem, seeking out sound specialists, consulting a specialist architect… To no avail.

That’s when Adrian Lafleur of Magnetite came into the picture. We were armed with acoustic readings of the noise we were experiencing – we had a noise expert leave a meter overnight to capture the different sounds and frequencies. Noise is all about two things – decibels or volume and frequency – high (dolphin squeak) versus low (whale sounds).

The solution was a double glazed enclosure that was colour-matched to the existing window frame which was installed in one day with no mess and no damage to our unit. This is important because every other tradie that’s come into our unit has left an unwanted mark/reminder.

The reason this is a great customer service case study is because:

  • Adrian was courteous, flexible and responsive to our needs. He listened to what we wanted to accomplish acoustically and cosmetically.
  • He took measurements, not once, but twice and confirmed pricing and installation details promptly and in sufficient detail.
  • Adrian explained all the theory and physical considerations regarding sound proofing.
  • Magnetite offered us the choice of plastic “clip” frame with plexiglass OR metal frame with glass, which is what we chose for durability and superior performance.
  • The installation was scheduled on a mutually agreeable date.
  • The installation team came in at the assigned time, ready with protective plastic to make sure they didn’t leave any mess behind.
  • The window system was perfectly color-matched to our existing windows.
  • The installation was completed on time with no marks on our walls or any other unpleasant nicks or other reminders they were here.
  • Best of all, the solution has sound proofed our master bedroom so that we only hear the odd siren now and then!

I wanted to blog about this because to give a testimonial is one thing, making it public like this is even more powerful. We need to reward suppliers who do a great job, to push out and remove the marginal ones that leave a bad taste in your mouth or worse.

If you need to get a room in your home or office sound proofed, I highly recommend Magnetite.

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  • This should be sent to every industry in Australia. Most of us who give good service understand that it’s all about giving to receive the benefits, long lasting benefits. It would be a great country if everywhere you went people gave great service like this. Imagine the impact it would have…

    Peter Wilson
    Oz Cakes

  • That is a great post Marc,

    It gives recognition where it is deserved. I know we always appreciate it when one of our clients is prepared to do the same for our Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development service. Hopefully Magnetite will link to this from their testimonials page. Having looked at their site they appear to be everything you described in terms of professionalism, quality of product and strong customer focus. And now I know about them if I ever need their services, or come across someone who needs this kind of problem fixed.

    Ray Keefe
    Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd
    Award Winning Electronics and Embedded Software Development

  • Thanks Marc,

    Customer service is paramount and meeting or exceeding expectations is something that very few businesses strive to achieve. Too many companies aim to service the needs of their clients in the same way banks or telcos do, which is incredibly disappointing.

    Every time I travel interstate for work (at least once or twice a month), I used leave my car at Goodyear Airport Parking in Melbourne. For three years I was with this company, and as I was pleased with their service, I never shopped around for a better deal. What was important was speed, timing and security of my car. That was until they forgot me. I turned up at their depot to leave my car and their was no one waiting for me. This happened twice in the space of a month. The second time, the driver was at home. Fortunately another company close by was onsite and I was able to make my flight (but only just and only by 2 or 3 minutes). I don’t need this stress when traveling.

    What was frustrating, is that I had been a customer for three years and referred many of my clients, family and staff to them:
    * There was no apology
    * There was no follow up call so if I was OK
    * Despite me ringing three times and then emailing, no one thought it important to return my call or email, let alone apologise.

    Fortunately Dennis at Pink Elephant Parking saved me, and I will now stay with them, starting NEXT week.

    As a Platinum client of yours, you have taught me some incredibly valuable customer service strategies. Two weeks ago, we discussed one issue that I feel is important for your blog readers – never forget about your existing customers. We provide a lot of value for clients and prospects, however we failed to communicate this value to our EXISTING clients, meaning that one of our long term clients decided to “see if they are getting the best deal” and evaluating competitors.

    I am now in the process of finalising a bonus system for clients ONLY and not for all subscribers.

    Of course, at The Gourmet Guardian, we strive to deliver excellent customer service experiences, many of which you taught me.

    Thanks Marc and keep on blogging,

    Eat well. Eat safe!

    Gavin Buckett
    The Gourmet Guardian Pty Ltd

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