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Motivational Quote Of The Day

It is in your moments on INdecision that your dreams are destroyed — Dr Marc Dussault

Dr Marc Dussault, Indecision, Motivation

As you must know by now, Exponential Mindset Thinking focuses on the positive, optimistic perspective. That being said, every once in a while, directing our attention to the “negative” can have positive benefits.

For example, this quote came to mind because when I stage my introductory presentations to prospective clients, I know that many participants “would like” their lives to change and their business results to improve, but they are unable to make THE decision to change their predicament.

Decision making is not easy – in fact I am giving a 3-hour course to my Platinum Program Members this month called Critical Thinking For Better Decision Making. I will highlight the biases and obstacles to good decision making. (Don’t look for the event on our website – it is NOT a public event. Most of our events are NOT public and reserved only for clients. If you want to attend, you need to contact us).

Anyway, back to the quote and why it’s so important.

People who “would like” their lives to change are destined for “failure” – it really is that simple, cut and dry. To be successful at anything, you have to make decisions, be bold and follow through.

When you find yourself hesitating to make a decision it’s because you are simply NOT committed to the ultimate outcome. You don’t want it bad enough.

I see it all the time – an entrepreneur who is “struggling” and is paralysed by indecision. In most cases, there is nothing that can be done short of an intervention. The psychic wound is an insurmountable barrier.

Exponential Tip Of The Day:
If you find yourself hesitating to make a decision you know you need to make, ask yourself just ONE question:

“Why don’t I want the outcome badly enough
to make this decision that I know I need to make?”

Even if you don’t make the decision, at least you’ll be one step closer to self awareness and realising YOU are your biggest obstacle to your own success.

By the way, this is not to be mixed up with procrastination – this example is different. This is NOT making the decision that you know you need to make. Procrastination is simply delaying it, putting it off. It may seem the same, but it’s not. These nuances are very, very important. If you would like to learn more about interesting things like this, contact us.

Attitude versus aptitude

“Success is not determined by attitude, but rather aptitude.” — Dr Marc Dussault
Attitude, Aptitude, Motivation, Quote, Inspiration

20/20 Foresight

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to look into a crystal ball and see what the future holds?

20-20 Foresight. Exponential Programs20/20 Foresight might not be THAT precise and accurate, but there are tools, tips and techniques you can use to determine trends and tendencies forecasters and analysts use on a daily basis to predict what’s coming.

Small businesses are notorious for being reactionary rather than proactively aware and ready to face the future. This is partially because owner-managers work IN their business much more than ON their business as well as because they simply are not aware that these tools exist.

Next Saturday, in Melbourne, we are holding a 1-day workshop that will introduce you to the concept of 20/20 Foresight that is synonymous with Exponential Mindset Thinking, leveraging the MasterMind Principle in an interesting and creative way.

There is nothing worse in business than being caught completely unprepared. This workshop will enable you to start developing forecasting and preemptive strategies that will enhance your view of the future to improve the decisions you make today.

Imagine having a copy of a exam, weeks before you have to sit the final?

How differently would you study?
How much less stress would you have?
How would you go about your lectures and study habits?
What would happen to your grades?
Would you enjoy the process more or less?

The same can be true for your business – but only if you know the tools, tips and techniques to acquire 20/20 Foresight…

So if you want 20/20 Foresight, contact us and we’ll help you create the future you want.*

*Oops… Did I forget to mention that once you have an idea of what the future holds, you can actually start to change it?!?!?! Oh well… No use getting into how to do that unless you attend.

Hyperbolic Discounting: Why most people don’t succeed

I can tell you that without a doubt, hyperbolic discounting has to be one of the primary contributors to non-success. Given two similar rewards, humans show a preference for one that arrives sooner rather than later. Humans are said to discount the value of the later reward, by a factor that increases with the length of the delay. In simple terms, humans (even adults) want instant gratification more than long-term success.


Research has shown there are two types of people – those that can and CHOOSE to delay gratification and those that can’t or CHOOSE not to.

I can tell you, with 20 years of business coaching and mentoring experience that I concur AND it is one of my key determinants in working closely with a client. UNLESS this is fully understood and adhered to, there is no point in expecting success to “happen”.


Success is a habit, a way of life, of being, of doing. It is making daily investments for a lifetime of rewards, many of which are days, weeks, months or years in the making. Take an academic degree – it takes months or years before you can “obtain” the designation or diploma and graduate. The same is true with playing a musical instrument or mastering a sport.

I have to admit that the SOURCE of this ability to NOT discount hyperbolically is unknown to me and if you do indulge in it, I am not sure what you can really do to counteract it other than to bring forward the benefits in a tangible, realistic fashion. Imagine the rewards or results RIGHT NOW… Feel it, think it, know it will happen and that one day will come when you will have this feeling… Just not today. Ask yourself if you think it’s worth waiting for and if it is, then stick to your plan and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

This is where willpower comes in or what I call Whypower – if the WHY is strong enough, the will will be there.

Create a big enough WHY…

Then, all you need are strategies to make your goal or outcome happen… Strategies that work. Strategies you can implement – NOW so you get a sense of instant relief that at least you are progressing towards your goal or outcome.

Contact us if you want to learn shortcuts to making things happen. There is always a better, easier way – the key is to have someone who can show you what they are, so you stop wasting valuable time, money and effort with a trial-by-error approach.




Not everyone should be a champion

For the past few weeks, I have been blogging and emailing about Champion Mindset strategies applied to business and then it hit me – not everyone should be a champion.

I don’t say this frivolously, I’m totally serious.

Not everyone should be a champion.

  • Champions want opponents who push them to become the best they can be, but also that come up short in the key moments so they get all the spoils of victory to themselves.
  • Champions also need competitors who are easy to beat, who give them time and the opportunity to hone their skills without pressure and intimidation.
  • Champions also appreciate supporters of the sport who are in it just to have fun and give it a go, it creates ambience and a great family, group atmosphere.
  • Of course we can’t forget the spectators – without them, what would be the point of being a Champion? Champions need, even crave and feed off the admiration, respect and adoration that fans enthusiastically show for their favorite “superstar”.

A few years ago, I chose to work with business people who wanted and were committed to being Champions of business, but I accept that it’s not for everyone.

 Winning - Willpower

In business I see the non-champions every day:

  • The person who complains about clients who didn’t pay their bills on time or that their employees are slacking off.
  • The entrepreneur who works ridiculous hours for a wage they would never accept as an employee.
  • The long-time business owner-operator who thinks he/she is building a business yet there is no chance whatsoever that anyone will ever buy ‘the business’ because it is essentially a job with minimal tax benefits.

To stick to the sports metaphor – not everyone needs to play a sport and not everyone needs to be a Champion. Even at the Olympics, there are THOUSANDS of competitors and only HUNDREDS of medalists.

Let’s face it, being a Champion, in business or sport is not “easy”, it takes time, money and effort.

You need to want it.

If you don’t want it, it’s OK, there is always someone there ready to take it.

Someone eager, hungry and ambitious.

So don’t sweat it if you’re not and don’t want to be a Champion.

Not everyone should be.

If you are or want to become a Champion in business, you’ll be interested in my recent blog posts below:

How to go from creating motivation to building momentum

Why smart business people fail

Why practice does not make perfect

Winners - LosersIf you think this blog post is an exercise in reverse psychology, it’s not. I fully and sincerely accept there are different kinds of people in the world and not everyone needs or should be motivated to succeed and excel.

First and foremost because, by definition – mathematically – it’s impossible for everyone to excel or “succeed”. The normal probability distribution curve has proven to be quite robust in almost all areas of endeavor… for a reason.

People are “normal” and as such most people produce at or near “average” results.

Why focus on this realisation that many would cite as self-evident?

BECAUSE it’s not that obvious. Too many wannabes and gonnabes are deluded into thinking they will be the next “millionaire” when the harsh reality is they have no such “chance”.

Creating that delusion, false expectation is simply not fair. It’s one of my pet peeves of this “industry”. I am all for adopting a Positive Mental Attitude, but not at the cost of self-delusional lunacy.

If you are a Champion, you know it. There is no need to convince you to become one. Even if you haven’t yet “won” the ultimate prize, you know it’s not a question of “if”, but rather “when”.

If you aren’t (yet) a Champion, but want to become one… I suggest you read the blog posts noted above as a starting point.


Practice does not make perfect…

I remember the first time I heard this, in my teens.

“Practice does not make perfect…
Perfect practices makes perfect!”

Once I understood that it’s only when we practice what we want to re-create can we claim to be practicing “perfectly”…

But it took me close to 10 years before I resolved the recursive (circular) reasoning this creates…

If you are practicing ‘something’ – then that means you can’t do it perfectly (yet) – so then how can you practice it perfectly?!?!?

The logical conundrum was finally resolved when I came across Dr Erickson’s concept of Deliberate Practice combined with the idea of Concentration Of Focus.  Together, these constitute the secret weapon that champions and iconic sports stars master to the detriment of their (unknowing) opponents.

First is the concept of Deliberate Practice – knowing the difference between what you know and don’t know how to do. Cognition (learning) requires you build from what you know, adding distinctions and understanding in layers, expanding what you know until you eventually achieve understanding of the previously unknown.

In sport, it is the same process to acquire a new skill or ability. You need to first determine what you are capable of doing, assess what your body (and mind) can accomplish with your physiological constraints and bridge the gap between that and the ultimate skill or ability to wish to achieve.

The challenge lies in HOW to undertake that process methodically and systematically. That’s where Deliberate Practice principles come in.

You can’t focus on more than 1, 2 or 3 things at any given time. Too often, coaches will point out dozens of problems thereby completely diffusing your concentration of focus.

It is only with the combination of Concentration Of Focus and through Deliberate Practice that you can create performance breakthroughs. This is true on the squash or tennis court, football field, gold course or office.

Even though this sounds simple enough – even in sport, it is only the most elite, dedicated athletes that engage in this behaviour.

In business, it is even more rare.

There are very few business coaches (mentors) who understand the mechanics and requirements that promote and enable entrepreneurs and business executives to flourish through Deliberate Practice and Concentration Of Focus.

Deliberate Practice BooksIn sport, a coach needs to have both  a specific and a holistic understanding of the sport either through competitive play him/herself or through specialised training. Believe it or not, this is rare. In fact, most coaches I’ve met haven’t read a single book on “mental toughness”…

In business, most coaches do not have the academic acumen let alone the diversity of experience for holistic understanding and furthermore they often lack any training in these elite strategies and methodologies.

This is well documented and researched, but still remains in the realm of the most elite and ambitious business people simply because of the breadth and depth of comprehension and practice required to master.

Other than speed reading which I still consider the #1 life-changing skill – the ability to “practice deliberately with a high concentration of focus” is the second-most valuable skill to master for anyone who wants to succeed – at anything.

So what does this have to do with growing your business?

Great question!

The simple answer lies in accepting that most people are in ‘the herd’ and by extension, they will produce ‘average results’.

If, however, you are seeking to grow your business, you can’t expect to achieve that goal by doing what everyone else is doing – you have to do something different AND DO IT DIFFERENTLY.

That is precisely my point.

Deliberate Practice with a high level of Concentration Of Focus takes a special environment and monitoring to ensure you establish, maintain and sustain ‘it’ consistently and for long enough to produce the stellar results you seek.

Our Platinum Program is designed specifically to incorporate these and other cutting edge coaching and mentoring methodologies.

If you are interested to take your business to the next level and create more than 25% annual growth in sales and/or profits, contact us.

If you read Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller Outliers, you know what the pop psychology thinking is – that you need 10,000 hours to achieve expert status or mastery of a skill, sport or musical instrument.


What Mr Gladwell did not reveal in his book is what other authors have identified – short cuts that can reduce that time significantly. Those well-kept secrets are what makes our Platinum Program priceless and timeless.

  • Priceless because it means that once armed with this new understanding and corresponding new abilities, you can and will out-perform your competitors and they will not be able to respond because MASTERY means you have the skill to adapt and overcome to whatever they try to do.
  • Timeless because these strategies have worked for decades and will continue to work for decades – future proofing your business and career, once again BECAUSE this is not a cookie-cutter template approach. What you learn in the Platinum Program is how to re-program yourself into a peak performer. That means you can deal with anything that comes your way.

Like Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal can handle any ball that comes across the net, you could have the same level of mastery in business.

If… you acquire the skills of a master…








Exponential Thinking

Business Coaching Sydney, Melbourne Business Coach

An old gentleman lived alone in New Jersey. He wanted to plant his annual tomato garden, but it was very difficult work, as the ground was hard. His only son, Vincent, who used to help him, was in prison at New Jersey State Prison in Trenton, NJ. The old man wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament:

Dear Vincent,

I am feeling pretty sad because it looks like I won’t be able to plant my tomato garden this year. I’m just getting too old to be digging up a garden plot. I know if you were here my troubles would be over. I know you would be happy to dig the plot for me, like in the old days.



A few days later he received a letter from his son.

Dear Papa,

Don’t dig up that garden.
That’s where the bodies are buried.



At 4 a.m. the next day, FBI agents and local police arrived and dug up the entire area without finding any bodies. They apologized to the old man and left. That same day the old man received another letter from his son.

Dear Papa,

Go ahead and plant the tomatoes now. That’s the best I could do under the circumstances.

Love you,



I know that most people who read this blog post will think it’s just a joke, but it is and it isn’t. I teach Exponential Mindset Thinking which embraces doing out-of-the-ordinary things to create extra-ordinary results.

Easier said than done.

Today’s joke is just another tool I use to create a pattern interrupt in my clients’ thinking – to get them to put aside limiting beliefs and think outside the square (or box).

Easier said than done.

If it was easy, everyone would be successful and rich…



Why Smart Business People Fail

In a previous blog post, I touched on several foundational concepts that can help you to go from establishing motivation to creating momentum. Today, I want to focus on the catalyst, the initial trigger(s) that can help you start the process. First and foremost, to get moving, you need to overcome inertia. Inertia is defined as “the predisposition for a body to remain in the state that’s it’s in.” That means if you are NOT moving, you want to remain still. If, however, you ARE moving, then you want to remain IN MOTION. Therein lies the first reward for taking action.

Once you GET moving, it’s easier to STAY moving.

 I know, I know… “Easier said than done”. Especially in the morning when you are lying in a warm, comfortable bed and the last thing you want to do is get up and go for a run, do exercise or get a head start on your day.

You have seen it first hand at the playground with a merry-go-round. The first pull is really hard, and then it’s effortless to keep it spinning. Success is just like that – it gets easier as you become (more) successful.

merry-go-round- first pullInertia is one simplistic answer that pop psychology likes to hone in on. I prefer to look a little deeper than the superficial factors that don’t provide much insight nor contribute to providing practical solutions.

One of the primary reasons people don’t do what they KNOW they should do is because of prior (negative) experiences. Yes, the psychological literature addresses a person’s predisposition towards positive affect (seeing the glass half full), self-efficacy (you think you can complete a task successfully) and self esteem, but those are all quite superficial and of marginal practical value.

Dont Look Back QuotePast failures are the #1 contributor to most people’s inability to take action on projects and opportunities that are (blatantly) beneficial to them. One of the most valuable lessons champions learn is that the past does not equal the future and past performance is NOT a predictor of future success.

Once again, and I apologise for repeating myself – “easier said than done.”

We need to fail to learn the difference between what works and what doesn’t. The quicker we fail, the quicker we learn the lessons and the faster we are able to turn our REASONS for not achieving into the RESULTS that we seek.

Simply stated:

We are reasons or we are results.

When you face the harsh reality of life, and really think about it, you’ll agree that when you don’t achieve a RESULT, there are REASONS. The more REASONS there are, the better. That is because there are MORE sources to solve the problem so you can achieve the desired RESULT.

Negative MindBut and there usually is a but involved – most people don’t want to face the truth and therefore kid themselves ignoring the REAL REASONS that deny them from achieving the RESULTS they seek and desire.

This is where self awareness becomes a key ingredient of extra-ordinary success.

A true champion (a super successful person) addresses these issues, one by one, removing the REASONS so the RESULTS can emerge, as if by magic.

But most people get discouraged with failures and shortcomings, get down on themselves and lose faith. The reason that it is so pervasive is that without the proper coaching, mentoring or assistance, more (wrongly directed) effort is futile.

Here is a new twist to the glass half empty or full question that I thought would be appropriate to introduce to you.


How heavy is this glass?

At first glance, you might guess 200 to 500 grams and you’d probably be right – technically. But if the question is metaphorical, it depends… glass-half-full

  • If you hold the glass for a minute there is nothing to be concerned about.
  • If you hold it up for an hour, then your arm will be very sore.
  • If you hold it up for a whole day, then the pain will be excrutiating.

And yet the weight of the glass did not change, but its heaviness certainly did.

The metaphor is simple: if you carry your past (negative baggage) with you, the longer you hold on to it, the heavier it gets and the more pain it causes you…

Think about it…

Flat TireThis compounding effect is devastating to the person who just does not know any better. The great thing about living in a developed country is that the tools for success are within EVERYONE’S reach.

For example, I have published over 4,000 pages of FREE content on my blogs.

Anyone with an Internet connection can access business building, career advancement and personal development tips, tricks and techniques at NO COST.

Of course, the Internet is filled with priceless and timeless data and information. But without a framework, it remains impotent – neutral, often useless.

You need a framework, a strategic intent that first creates a catalyst or trigger to get things going and growing and then an approach to maintain and build the momentum.

But and there’s that much hated word again – but… without a DECISION, nothing happens.

There is a saying that it is in our moments of decision that our destiny is shaped, however I, without meaning to be cynical, think it’s more a case of:


“It is in our moments of indecision that are dreams are destroyed” — Dr Marc Dussault


I have seen too many people hesitate, procrastinate and essentially self-sabotage their careers and business outcomes due to fear of making a decision. Fear of taking a stand. Fear of raising the bar. Fear of taking a chance (on themselves). Fear of creating the potential outcome that is within their reach – their ultimate destiny.

Take-The-First-StepOne of the key reasons is a concept called “perfect information”. If you Google it, you’ll end up on Wikipedia with the Game Theory explanation “perfect information describes the situation when a player has available the same information to determine all of the possible games (all combinations of legal moves) as would be available at the end of the game.”

Real life never provides “perfect information” so expecting it is a recipe for certain disaster and disappointment. Perfectionists and procrastinators seek this “perfect information” and get caught in the analysis paralysis paradox, a self-fulfilling vortex with no way out.

So where does that leave most people?


Stuck in the predicament they are in. Stuck in their mindset. Stuck in their current reality.


Without the desire, drive and determination to get UNSTUCK, they repeat the patterns of the past, over and over and over again.

The ONLY solution is to BREAK THAT PATTERN.

Here are easy ways to get UNSTUCK:

  1. Accept that perfect information does not exist and start moving forward WITHOUT knowing what the second step is. The first step will reveal it to you, but only once you’ve taken it. Break the vicious circle by taking the first step.
  2. You do not need to know ALL the steps to a destination to get there. You just need to know you WANT to get there and take the first step.
  3. Get advice from people who have achieved what you want to accomplish. You wouldn’t ask your car mechanic to cut your hair, so be careful WHO YOU TAKE ADVICE FROM!
  4. Remain committed to your outcome, or change it (your outcome or goal) if you must. Nothing worth achieving will come easy. Accept that otherwise don’t waste your time.
  5. Recognise that momentum, once created, is easy to maintain and build upon. You have seen it first hand at the playground with the merry-go-round. The first pull is really hard, and then it’s effortless to keep it spinning. Success is just like that – it gets easier as you become (more) successful.

For all of this to ‘happen’ – you need a BIG REASON to do ‘it’. You need something bigger than yourself, more important than “just making money”. You need to pick something that means something to you, resonates within you. Pick something that once achieved, will change your life and/or the lives of others you care about. You need a purpose.

When you find that “purpose” you will have the fire in the belly to get started. With that initial motivation and enthusiasm you will create the catalyst for change and the momentum will build from there to help you achieve your dream(s).

Without that “purpose”, you are impotent, stagnant, inert, blasé, bland, indifferent, STUCK.

Create the catalyst and you will soar to greater heights than you ever previously imagined… and you will embrace pushing yourself…

I’ve already published an extensive post on Victims and Martyrs that you can refer to.

Without being too much of an idealist, I believe that (almost) everyone can achieve their ultimate destiny – but – the number one thing that prevents that from happening is their inability to resolve the REASONS that prevent them from achieving the RESULTS they desire.

It really is as simple as that.

Don't look backSuccess is really not complicated, it comes down to wanting it bad enough for a reason important enough and then doing whatever it takes to make it happen.

Of course there is a HARD way and an EASY (Exponential) way…

It’s your decision…


Lack of resources?

“Whenever you face a deficit
in resources, you need to
replenish your inventory of ideas.”

— Dr Marc Dussault


From Motivation To Momentum

Exponential Programs - The Life You Want To LiveI am a huge fan of inspirational quotes and motivation messages, especially those that make you stop, think and re-assess where you are, where you are going or who you are and who you want to become.

Without getting into too much existentialist psycho-self-analysis, this simple quote can be a life-changer if you take the time to think about what it really means.

To put it simply, whenever something happens that throws you off or frustrates you, it usually means it’s not something you want or should be doing.

So why then does it happen (so often)?

That is the million-dollar question.

Simply stated, if you lived your life and ran your business or career “on purpose”, in line with your passions, beliefs and values, you would be living the life that you want to be living.

Think about that for a second. I mean seriously consider what this means.

Easier said than done, I know.

That’s why one of my most popular programs “My Best Year Ever” is so powerful. It starts by helping people determine what they really want and then, by achieving more of what they want, they begin to reduce the regular intrusions and frustrations.

Bit by bit, they start to live a more fulfilling, enjoyable life that makes it easier to deal with the less frequent interruptions and obstacles that present themselves.

But this blog post is not about selling you “into that program”. If you want it, it’s available at the click of your mouse.

This blog post is a no-strings attached gift for you.
No opt-in, no commitment.
Just keep reading and you’ll benefit from
the priceless and timeless advice it contains.

Exponential Programs - Take The Leap

Back to my story….

Once you start to live “on purpose”, it’s as though your compass (internal GPS) points you in the right direction and you start to make one good decision after another – like magic.

I say “like magic” because that is how powerful and pervasive the Law Of Attraction can be – if and only if – you are congruent and crystal clear about what you want.

When you know exactly what you want,
everything changes.

One of the strongest forces that will come to your assistance is your Reticular Activation System (RAS) in your brain. The RAS has limitless potential to provide you with solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had, before they even occur.

But here’s the thing about the RAS that most people don’t know. Without a crystal clear picture of what you want, it can’t help you. It can’t focus on the reverse of an idea, in other words steer you away from what you don’t want. And it can’t see through an approximate or ambiguous description (I want to make more money). How much is more?

The RAS acts and proactively reacts to your clearly stated, and specific purpose, leveraging the brain and mind’s “positive intent”. This is one of the most powerful forces in personal psychology and yet if you Google it, you’ll have difficulty finding any references beyond the pop psychology quotes on positive thinking.

That is one of the many services I provide my clients – access to information and knowledge they would never find on their own. It’s partially because I have 5 university degrees (in a variety of disciplines from engineering to law, business, ecommerce, entrepreneurship, organizational behaviour and family business) as well as the 1,000+ business books I have read. (Yes, I am a speed reader.)

Positive Intent

Positive Intent is one of the most powerful forces in personal psychology. It’s the only way a non-psychotic individual can take his or her own life. The Positive Intent is that the brain calculates the PAIN of living “like this” as more than the PAIN of ending one’s life. This is an extreme example of Positive Intent.

In so much as this is the negative example of Positive Intent, once you understand its limitless force, only then can you accept it is both pervasive and permanent. Human beings cannot function without it.

A less traumatic example is how Positive Intent has to be overcome to become a sports champion.

Take tennis for example. A rally gets going and the ball gets hit back and forth. Within a few strokes, the brain’s Positive Intent wants to END the point – even at the cost of LOSING the point – because it is tired. The brain will work AGAINST the player’s positive expectation and desire to win and sabotage the point – UNLESS the player has sufficient Mental Toughness to overcome that irresistible and irrepressible desire to end the point at any cost.

The same is true in business, but to a less visible degree.


This is why so many business owners suffer in silence.


Business people routinely and repeatedly sabotage their own success and never understand the mechanics involved and thus remain powerless to overcome them.

Today’s email is a first step in enlightening you to the information and knowledge that exists – slightly out of reach of the layperson. The knowledge resides in a chasm between academia and every day life. It unfortunately falls in the crack and very few business people seek it out. Even fewer fully understand how to deploy and leverage it.

Those that do, become champions of business. They are the ones others look up to for guidance, inspiration and motivation.

Those champions are just like you – the ONLY difference is that they know things you don’t and have learned how to apply their knowledge strategically, tactically and exponentially.

“It” becomes their defensible, competitive advantage.

That’s what today’s email is about. Giving you a taste of what newfound knowledge can provide you and your business.

First, if you haven’t previously read my emails or had a look at my blogs, you need to know that I have a very unique approach to business coaching and mentoring. My philosophy and methodology is cutting edge and not for most people. It is intense, demanding and for those fully immersed in it – it is thrilling.

I’ve accepted that the top of the success pyramid is much narrower than the base. I have chosen to work with the best because I have tried the alternative and it doesn’t work.

The “average” person does not have the drive, determination and discipline to change his or her predicament. They would “like” their lives to change, but anytime there is a decision that needs to be made – they hesitate, second-guess and otherwise procrastinate. By the time they might be ready to make the decision, it’s usually too late.

I accept that you may not be ready, willing or interested to grow your business and/or improve or enhance your career. Not everyone is an achiever.

If you are an achiever and realise you have greater potential than your current results reflect, then keep reading…


Desire. Drive. Determination.


Working with high achievers, I could easily take for granted one of the key prerequisites for success – desire, drive and determination. But I don’t because I know that unless you really, really want it, “it’s” never going to happen for you.

Unless you believe “it’s” possible for you, you won’t get excited and motivated. So yes, it’s a vicious circle, the chicken and egg dilemma – which one comes first?!?!

For some (few) people, they just know what they want, for (most) others, they need to figure that out. The best way to figure out what you want is to start doing new things and gauging if the results are more of what you want or less of what you want.

Let me share with you a practical example…

About 3 years ago, I recognised we didn’t have enough women in my elite Platinum Program. So I set out as I explain in my Blogging For Business Webinar, to create online content that caters to women.

I created the following pages:

I started blogging about issues of interest and concern to women without being chauvinistic or sexist – but I did take a stand and position on some controversial issues.

That is one of the important messages I reinforce over and over again.

You have to take a stand, a position
on things that are important to you.

For example, two of the controversial concepts that I address in my blog are:


  1. You can’t afford to be ugly. Pretty people make more money than less attractive people. It’s well documented and called Erotic Capital. There is substantial (legitimate) academic research to support it. When we’re honest with ourselves, we know this is true… And…
  2. Taller people earn more than shorter people. These are incontrovertible facts – fully researched as well as supported with countless anecdotal evidence.

The amazing thing about information like this is
that with the proper knowledge, you can even overcome
being short– IF you know what to do…

But if you don’t, then you remain a statistic with the odds stacked against you.

I know. It’s not fair. These are not my rules. These are universal laws. I teach my clients how to re-write the rules in harmony with their morals and ethics.

The point here is simple – with DOZENS of pages that are keyword rich and fully optimised for my intended audience – powerful, successful business women – I have been able to triple the percentage of women in my most exclusive mentoring program in less than 2 years.

If you want to learn the underlying strategies I teach, you can refer to my Business Blogging Webinar or my Internet Sales Lead Generation Webinar called Turning Website Browsers Into Buyers.

This was not done in a manipulative manner. I created value and a conversation that appealed to successful women and they chose to work with me. That is the true power of authentic marketing and positioning.

Let’s take another, more lighthearted example:

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “We hear about delivering value and giving it to prospects to create reciprocity, but how do we do that without selling or giving products or services away for free?”

Here is are a few examples:

I love animals and want to have more clients who share my love of animals (even if this has absolutely nothing to do with my business mentoring services). One way to attract more animal lovers is to create gifts that appeal to them.

Case Study #1: Woofs Of Wisdom

Click here to download my “Woofs Of Wisdom” – a collection of canine jokes and funny quotes. It’s free and does not require an email opt-in.

This free giveaway is lighthearted fun that I, and my clients, give away for free, with no email opt-in requirement. We want to spread goodwill and fun because it is one of the foundational principles of Exponential Mindset Thinking –

Having FUN doing out-of-the-ordinary things
that create extra-ordinary results
with the least amount of effort and lowest cost.

You can access the Woofs Of Wisdom on a variety of websites, including Paddington Pups’s website. Just scroll down the page and look at the bottom of the right hand side column for the banner.

Case Study #2: Computational Words Of Wisdom

Once you get this concept, then you can adapt it to your particular industry, like Ray Keefe and I did when we co-created the Computational Words Of Wisdom.

Case Study #3: Steve Jobs’ Bytes Of Wisdom

Then of course there are the Steve Jobs Bytes Of Wisdom, which was submitted to me by one of my many loyal blog subscribers. It’s important to fully recognise that when you create a surplus of value to the “universe”, it will respond in kind to compensate you directly or indirectly. It’s called “paying it forward.”


More than 50% of my blog content is user generated.


Submitted from dozens of countries around the world, my blogs are a priceless collection of more than 4,000 pages of insights and information that you would otherwise never get your hands on.

I, on my own, could never assemble such a diverse collection of tips, tricks and techniques. But none of that happens without the first initial step…

Nothing happens without a catalyst, a trigger.

This is where I want to end this email – back where we started.

Unless you know what you want and have the fire in your belly burning RED HOT, there are too many distractions in the daily grind of every day life to achieve your wildest and most exciting dreams.

Just remember:

“If you don’t know where you’re going –
you will get there.” –
Dr Marc Dussault


If you do have dreams, goals and aspirations that you want to reach, you know how to reach us. It’s what we do. We enable, inspire and empower business people and entrepreneurs to discover and live their ultimate destinies.

It’s very rewarding, enjoyable and mutually satisfying. Imagine being in a room full of successful achievers who keep redefining their lives, raising the bar and winning the game of business AND having fun doing it?!?!

Onward and upward!

Dr Marc Dussault

The Exponential Growth Strategist

P.S. In a future blog post, I will address the question that should be on your mind right now…

“What makes someone exponential?”

For example, what makes someone think to download the various documents in this email and send them out to friends and family TODAY? Why do some people click on the hyperlinks and buy the products and get started NOW rather than later? Why do some people do this instinctively whereas others second guess and doubt (themselves)?

These are profound thoughts I will address in a future blog post. Along with the benefits and advantages of people who take action. The undeniable truth is that it is only with actions that we create results.

For example, by the time I publish my follow up blog post, I know without a doubt, someone will leverage what I have provided to either create value or make $1,000 in cash. It happens every time.

The question is why don’t most people do this even though they KNOW it works?!?!

Stay tuned for that discussion in a future blog post.


How to leverage testimonials and case studies in a retail shop

This is a BRILLIANT example of a retail shop that knows the value of testimonials and “case studies”… It is so good, it’s self-explanatory!

Testimonials, Case Studies, Retail

Testimonials, Retail, Tackle Shop

Victims and Martyrs

In my line of work, I come across a wide range of people in many different situations and circumstances. Today’s post is about a cry for help from someone who is in dire need of assistance.

But here’s the thing that I make clear to people, especially those in the healthcare and holistic therapy sectors – Don’t become a martyr to the mission.

What I mean by that is – know your boundaries of what you can and can’t do for people. Make sure you know where that line is, otherwise you’ll constantly be challenged and before you know it, the “line” is gone and you’ve become a martyr.

Before I continue, it’s imperative I make absolutely sure you know I am NOT advocating altruism and philanthropy are bad – quite the contrary.

Altruism AND philanthropy are NECESSARY and VITAL to our modern society and I am a HUGE supporter – WHEN they are delivered by the right organisations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative (to name just two).

These organisations are NOT martyrs. They are well funded, well organised engines of change and forces for “good(will)”.

The challenge is when the every day person forgets his or her values and tries to help everyone and anyone they come across – that’s when a line can be crossed.

The purpose of this email is to teach several important principles.

As I’ve blogged previously, being a mentor or great teacher is not easy.

Below is an email I received today. It’s a genuine request and my heart goes out to “Anonymous” (name withheld for privacy reasons).

Dear Marc,

It would be a great pleasure to have you as a coach and mentor. So far I cannot afford it. The price of $ 20.13 for the “My Best Year Ever Program” is ridiculously low but I still can’t pay with a card.

So this is my offer:

If you coach someone who is completely broke (me) to become successful initially for free, I promise to pay triple the price at the end of the course.



My view is quite simple: I have published 3,000+ pages of FREE content on the Internet via 7 different blogs. These are priceless tips, tools and techniques to help people in all 4 dimensions of their business, professional, personal lives as well as the Internet. In fact I also have a blog dedicated to accelerated learning and speed reading… This is all FREE content.

What more can someone ask of me?

This is where I draw the line. Anyone who really wants to make a change can read the blog posts – THEY ARE FREE. If they can send me an email, they can access the Internet and the blog posts.

They can read the posts and START the process – IMMEDIATELY.

First, they need to get rid of limiting beliefs – Here is an example of a few limiting beliefs and constricted thinking:

  1. You don’t have to pay with a credit card. You could pay by electronic funds transfer, check or cash. It’s only $20.13. There isn’t anyone who can’t come up with that amount. They can ASK a family friend or colleague to LEND it to them. The point is MONEY IS NOT THE PROBLEM.
  2. They could ask ME to ask you (yes you reading this if YOU would donate $20.13 to him/her)… That would be more empowering than asking me for a handout. It would show initiative and out-of-the-box thinking rather than a handout. It’s different and therefore appealing to me. (If you want to donate to Anonymous, contact me and I will gladly take care of it.)
  3. Offering a triple the price of the product means a $60.39 “reward”. That means the product and the results aren’t worth much to this person. This is one of the reasons why they are not motivated enough to REALLY make a change. If they committed to pay $1,000 after making $5,000 – NOW THAT’S BELIEF and commitment. I get that those numbers might be “too big”, but $60.39 is way too small. No one can get excited about $60.39 not even someone who claims not to have $20.13 in their pocket.

Look, I understand that Anonymous is in a bad place right now and that I should be more compassionate – but that’s the problem. Most people will BEND to this request and in so doing, perpetuate this LOSER MENTALITY.

  • LOSERS prey on pity.
  • WINNERS rely on their pride to overcome ALL obstacles.
  • LOSERS want things handed to them.
  • WINNERS don’t want any charity – they want to EARN what they have.
  • LOSERS expect others to help them.
  • WINNERS help themselves.
  • LOSERS want others to show them the way, hold their hands.
  • WINNERS are self-motivated and make things happen on their own.
  • LOSERS have things happen to them
  • WINNERS make things happen.
  • LOSERS want to GET before they GIVE.
  • WINNERS want to GIVE before they GET.
  • LOSERS have limiting beliefs.
  • WINNERS have empowering beliefs.
  • LOSERS blame the world for their shortcomings.
  • WINNERS realise only they can work on their shortcomings and fix them.
  • LOSERS focus on what they LACK.
  • WINNERS focus on what they HAVE and WANT.
  • LOSERS are fatalistic.
  • WINNERS are opportunistic.


By the way, being a LOSER is not an identity.
You aren’t a LOSER – you just THINK like one.

 So how do you go from a LOSER’S mindset to a WINNER’S mindset?

Simple: Make the decision to NOT think and act like a LOSER.

Think and act like a WINNER.

See what happens…

Then post a comment here and let us know how you went.

Thinking and acting like a WINNER takes ONE INSTANT – ONE DECISION.

If you don’t believe it – FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT.


That’s all it takes.

You don’t need to know HOW you will succeed – you just need to decide that you WANT to succeed.

That’s why emails like this rub me the wrong way – I am already GIVING this advice for FREE to help ANYONE and EVERYONE who cares enough to make the investment in reading what I write.

I INVEST THE TIME – without compensation – for the greater good, out of the kindness and generosity of my heart. I do that because…

I care about people who want to change.

I want to help anyone who wants to improve.

I want to make what I offer accessible to EVERYONE.

I am committed to sharing my gifts and expertise openly, but not to the point of martyrdom.

All I ask is that if you want to change, that you make the MINIMUM investment – IN YOURSELF before you ever pay me one dollar.

If and when you do want to pay me, I will make sure I always over deliver.

One last point:

I could have ignored this email and/or responded privately. But I didn’t.

I thought that by sharing this with you and with Anonymous that I could have a greater influence and maybe change more than one person’s life in so doing.

It is my hope that Anonymous will take this PUBLIC forum to step up and make things happen. Unless he or she MAKES THAT DECISION – no one can help.

Not even me.

I can’t help someone who can’t help him/herself.

All the tools are available in my blogs and on my YouTube channel for FREE.

Here are 5 links that I think are the quickest way out of poverty thinking.

Take the First Step

The 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine Part 1 of 2

The 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine Part 2 of 2

Motivational Video To Get You Pumped Up

Inspirational Video To Get You Thinking Anything Is Possible


How to find windfall profits in your business – look at your shoe laces!

Many business people search for complicated (and expensive) ways to grow their businesses… Often, the simplest and easiest things create the biggest results. This TED TALK video is an example of the concept of finding hidden assets in your business BY CHALLENGING preconceived thoughts and ideas.

In this video, Terry Moore challenges you on how you tie your shoe laces… Chances are you are not doing it properly!

The moral of THIS STORY is… chances are you are making other mistakes in YOUR business or career that are just as easy to fix!

Open 25 Hours

As you know, I am a proponent of Antimimeticisomorphism. This is an example of that kinf of out-of-the-ordinary thinking. This is a sign for a convenience store in Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

If you come across across examples like this – people doing out-of-the-ordinary things to create extra-ordinary results, please contact us and we’ll share them with our readers and subscribers. Of course we’ll hyperlink back to your website or blog so you get FULL SEO value for your contribution!

Running Room – Outstanding customer service

Running Gear, Running Shoes, Running ClothesEvery once in a while* someone does something so out-of-the-ordinary that you have to do something about it.

In this instance, it started about 3 years ago when I walked into a Runner’s retail shop called Running Room.

First of all, this was in Richmond, Vancouver, Canada.  Well Steveston if you want to be specific about it. The reason this is important is that I am not a runner, but I still walked in. I was struck by the fact that they could have a store “just for runners”… In fact they have a LOT of stores, but that’s not the point.

I walked in out of curiosity and walked out with a pair of microfibre training pants. They are absolutely awesome. I wear them about 8-9 months of the year when I am training for squash, doing drills and routines. They are NOT lined and cover my compression garments – SKINS. As great as they are, I have been unable to find any, anywhere.

That brings me to my most recent trip back to Vancouver – I went back into the Running Room store with my pants in hand to get an additional pair.

The salesperson (I forget his name!) knew exactly what I was talking about because he too had a pair and liked them as much as I did!

They were out of stock – discontinued!

But he searched online and found 2 pairs at a remote store. The challenge was that I was leaving in a few days to return to Sydney, Australia.

Lots of things transpired – multiple people were involved to make sure I got the 2 pairs for the liquidation price of $20 each…

I mean c’mon… Who goes out of their way to sell $40 worth of leftover stock?

The Running Room does!

Running, Run, Jog, Jogger, JoggingI figure they do it because they are not in this for SALES, but CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. I mean c’mon it’s a store ONLY for runners. If you’re not focused on customer satisfaction, how could you survive let alone thrive as they have?

With a niche of people who are dedicated to their sport, their hobby, their passion – running – you’d be a fool to focus on sales.

They totally get why they’re in business and even though I am not a runner – I am a HUGE FAN.

They made my day and now every time I put on my training pants I am left with a sense of gratitude for every one who went that extra step.

I can’t thank them enough, but I can make sure as many people know about them as possible.

Tell all your friends and family who run or are otherwise athletically inclined!

Isn’t it sad that I am celebrating something that should be normal, average, expected?

The great news is that for those like the Running Room, they get the benefit of being the EXCEPTION, the stand outs… The ones people want to go to. At least they get that benefit/advantage… Because they totally deserve it!

The next time YOU get outstanding service – make sure you tell as many people as you can!

The duality of English/French Canada and what it means to you as an Australian

I recently spent a week in my hometown of Montreal. It’s in the French province of Quebec in eastern Canada. Ignoring the separatist Quebec issues and constitutional legal wrangling involved, the linguistic and cultural duality of Canada was something I took for granted when I grew up and lived there.

This recent visit was the first time, since I emigrated to Australia 12 years ago, that I fully re-immersed myself into the French culture. As a result, I had a paradigm shift.

When I am thinking in French (I am fluently bilingual so I don’t translate when I speak either language), I actually have different thoughts, analytical patterns and even specific emotions for each language. It is largely due to syntax, vocabulary, linguistic structure, local expressions and vernacular that trigger different parts of the brain including memories and emotional anchors.

The reason this is relevant and important for you as a business person who isn’t Canadian, is because without total immersion or even exposure to a different ‘world view’ – you will remain restricted within your ‘world’ and will continue to have the same thoughts over and over again.

That doesn’t mean you need to become Canadian, learn French (or any other language, although that is a wonderful skill to have) but you do need, from time to time, to extract yourself from the day-to-day monotony of running your business to stimulate and encourage different thoughts and thinking patterns.

It’s one of the reasons I enjoy traveling – even domestic travel stimulates the senses. However, the more culturally diverse your exposure, the better.

This has been one of the most powerful insights I’ve had in quite some time. Often the greatest and most valuable epiphanies are within the realm of our own experiences, we just need something, someone to rattle them out of us!

If you’d like to join an environment that creates and encourages these kinds of enlightened revelations, contact us and we’ll guide you through the various programs we have available. We have options for a wide range of budgets as well as matched to your level of ambition and drive.

Online and offline advertising: The Double Whammy

Does combining offline and online mean double the costs or double the profits?

That’s a perplexing question that baffles many small business owners and independent retailers.

What works for multinational corporations with deep pockets doesn’t work for small businesses with shoe-string budgets.

Even though today’s empowered consumers expect to interact with brands across a wide range of touch points, that means a strategy that integrates both an off- and online approach is becoming increasingly important. A recent Google/Ipsos study indicates shoppers are feeling increasingly comfortable hitting the “Buy Now” button using their mobile devices, but the wise retail marketer knows the best way to make a sale is by integrating their message across both the “old” and the new media channels. Print and digital campaigns are now tightly intertwined.

The Internet has undoubtedly changed the world of advertising forever and a successful advertising campaign must embrace this medium in order to be successful.  Yet one may think that a purely online approach is the answer, however it’s also important to remember that physical promotional items (and advertising) still reach people that online advertising can’t.

Plus, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having information that prospective buyers can take with them to analyse and review at their convenience and discretion. That’s why niche magazines remain popular and why print is far from being “dead”.

Most businesses and brands realise that a balance of online content and physical information is necessary, but many are not sure how to achieve this balance.  More often than not, the answer comes down to budget and desired outcomes.

One thing is for sure: combining online and offline media is now a must.

Even though social media has played a large role in toppling foreign state political regimes, I am not a fan of social media marketing for small businesses who need to produce tangible sales results.

Instead of wasting time, money and effort on something that is marginal, why not direct it to something tried and tested?

Offline media like print advertising is PROVEN to work – especially in specialised, highly targeted niche markets.

But print won’t work on its own anymore. Print needs an online component to facilitate and enhance the conversation that needs to take place. Without the web, that conversation now falls on deaf ears. With a fully developed online presence, print advertisers can direct their offline leads into fully automated online systems that create a much more fluent, enjoyable and valuable customer experience.

Yet, without print or physical media, often, the catalyst doesn’t exist and “nothing happens”.

Therein lies the conundrum – in many instances, the fastest, easiest and most economical path to prospects is print. Physical (niche) publications have distribution networks that reach people in pockets of interest that are well established. These networks are entrenched geographically, culturally and economically. They have been around for years or even decades, reinforced across generations.

Therein lies the power of the PHYSICAL REAL WORLD network.

But that power remains impotent without the Internet as its new ‘enabler’.

Traditional media such as print, radio and television advertising often has better brand recall than digital media which suffers from source credibility syndrome.

The challenge for small business is focusing on what works to produce measurable outcomes versus and not be tricked by the smoke and mirrors evangelised by the providers of the new media services who keep referring to deep pocket campaigns that the lone Aussie Battler simply can’t afford.

We have solutions for all budgets – contact us and we’ll help you get results within the next week that you can measure. No smoke. No Mirrors.

Is Your Business Growing?

Sydney’s Private Jeweler, Sam Kritsotakis, recently opened his new Eskae Boutique in Mosman… The reason that’s newsworthy is because a lot of businesses are struggling, yet our clients are thriving and expanding.

The reason is simple. They are applying antimimeticisomorphism principles of Exponential Mindset Thinking – having fun, doing out–of-the-ordinary things that create extra-ordinary results with the least amount of effort and at the lowest cost.

If you’re not GROWING, you’re contracting.
There is no middle ground.

If you want to grow your business, isn’t it time you contacted us to get going and growing?

Lead Generation For Small Business

Sports Car, Fast CarAcross Italy, police are cracking down on Ferrari and Lamborghini drivers, but not because they are driving too fast.

Italy, like so much of southern Europe, is drowning in debt, so police are pursuing drivers to make sure they are declaring – and therefore paying taxes on – earnings that would allow them to afford cars worth as much as half a million dollars.

The lesson here is that as a business, you want to adopt antimimeticisomorphism thinking – simply put, think differently to get different results.

If you are struggling to find new leads for your business – start looking at WHAT your clients are DOING, WHERE they are going, WHO they are spending time with…

If it works for the police in Italy, it might just work for you!

For example, want to deal with better clients? Look at the help wanted ads – companies who are HIRING are doing better than the ones who are laying off workers. Want more out-of-the-box ideas like this to grow your business? Contact us.

Bacteria – Natural Mastermind Groups?!?!?

That weird-looking picture on the left is of bacteria – the organisms that play an essential role in our lives.  Bacteria help us digest food, eliminate toxins from our body, and provide us with vital nutrients.  And yet these tiny creatures, responsible for so much good stuff on the planet (and lots of bad stuff, too), have no ears, no sense of touch, and no form of intelligence.

Despite being deprived of these senses, bacteria can tell not only if their siblings are nearby, but also precisely how many of them are present.  They can coordinate their behaviours and determine if any other species are in the area.  They then form alliances to increase their chances of survival – all while being unable to hear or touch each other.

Bacteria are able to achieve this level of teamwork by something called quorum sensing.  Basically, they release a chemical that can be read only by members of the same species.  That’s it – a unique and reliable shared identity.

Remote employees are somewhat like bacteria.

They’re deprived of major senses that would otherwise keep them connected to their colleagues.  They don’t see each other, hear each other or stay in touch with each other as often as employees who share the same office.  This produces a level of distance, both physical and metaphorical, that makes it difficult to encourage teamwork and engagement.  The solution can be found in quorum sensing.

From a management perspective, quorum sensing is about releasing certain elements into a remote team that engender a sense of shared identity.

In particular:

  • The sense of vision: Generate an inspiring vision articulated well enough and frequently enough for all members of the team to remember.
  • The sense of observation: Ramp up face-to-face communication, such as webinars or video conferences, which create a more meaningful connection than teleconferences.
  • The sense of togetherness: At least once a year, but preferably once a quarter, organise an event where all remote workers can meet for a day or two in the same location.
  • The sense of informality: Open up informal lines of communication, because trust and relationships are more easily formed via casual and relaxed channels.
  • The sense of collaboration: Create opportunities for remote employees to work together on projects, especially ones that would necessitate a joint approach to problem solving.
  • The sense of intuition: It’s hard to tell if employees you rarely see are happy or sad.  So, check in with them regularly by asking questions such as ‘what are your challenges?’

As the author of the scientific study writes:  “Bacteria might be small but they communicate in more than one language, they strategise, they co-ordinate their efforts, they have thrived in places you wouldn’t even go for a dare.  It seems clear the bacteria still have a lesson or two for us big-headed folk.”

Thank you to Mark Mackenzie of The Graffiti Eaters for sending this to me. As The Exponential Growth Strategist, I use quorum as one of the foundational principles of the Exponential Mastermind Experience that we create in our Platinum Program.