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Price Tag:The 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine Applied

How a 1 percent improvement can make a big difference – a great idea for retailers!

How To Cure A Blocked Brain

Today’s contribution is from Sydney’s premier plumber – David Conroy – The Lone Drainer And Pronto! He had several breakthroughs and came up with this solution for anyone who might have a clogged brain… Click on the hyperlink for more information on the next Exponential Business Building Bootcamp. This is the kind of fun stuff […]

Make More Money By Delivering Twice As Slow?

Did today’s blog post title make you take notice? It should. A Canadian company is doing something antimimeticisomorphic that will impress you with its creative twist. Click on the hyperlink to read about how Grand & Toy touts eco-friendly delivery option for increased profits! That’s it for today – SHORT AND SWEET!

Start Your Own Business Quickly

If you’re based in Australia, you know it’s highly regulated and there’s quite a bit of bureaucracy involved in starting your own business. Today’s post is a link you’ll want to bookmark if you want to start your own business or set up a new company for a new ‘division’ or category of activities… It’s […]

Tony Robbins Raises $518,000 For Charity

If you haven’t been to Anthony Robbins‘ Date With Destiny – you’ve missed out on a magical opportunity to well, create your ultimate destiny. The program’s phenomenal format and content cannot be summarised in a blog post, but what I do what to share with you is one of those ‘magical moments’ when Tony revealed […]

Want To Work From Home?

The Australian government wants to support you working from home with a $5,000 to $15,000 grant. The deadline for submissions is April 24th. Click on the hyperlink  to find out all the details from Belinda Cohen’s blog post about how to work from home and apply for the grant.

10 Recession Proofing Tips

The article below appeared in this week’s BRW Magazine. It’s a classic example of what you can do with an Exponential Mindset. I ripped out the page and was going to send it to Jason Chuang, a graduate of our Business Mastery Platinum Program. Then I caught myself and realised that you also need to […]

A Federal Tax Break Of 30%?

I’m not sure if you are aware of this (you probably are) but I thought I’d forward it to you just in case. Mike Krsticevic, a former VIP Member and now at sent me this link you might want your accountant to look into… The Federal Government is offering an extra 30% bonus deduction […]

8 Tips To Cope With Job Loss

In a recession, a lot of people will lose their jobs. If they have an Exponential Mindset, they’ll get another quickly, but during the transition, here are a few tips to make it easier to cope with one of the most stressful situations you’ll find yourself in. If you know someone who has lost his/her […]

Save Our Planet – Join Earth Hour!

If you’ve heard the world turning off the lights for an hour, it’s called Earth Hour and IT’S TODAY… It’s a SMALL WAY to make a BIG IMPACT on getting this message across and helping save our fragile planet. Click on the hyperlink >>Earth Hour << to REGISTER so your effort gets counted.

How To Help Bushfire Victims

Earlier this morning I sent a mass e-mail from Dr Janet Hall’s newsletter to help children cope with this tragedy. Jennifer Jianjun Wang sent me a response telling me Coles is donating all their profit from Friday’s sales to the relief effort. Isn’t it amazing HOW QUICKLY SMALL ACTS OF KINDNESS CAN MULTIPLY? Click on […]

How To Get More Testimonials

Today’s post is from a friend and colleague I had not heard from in quite a while, Dominic Siow… This is a gift from him that I am sure you will appreciate. How To Get More Testimonials

Merry Christmas and An Exponential New Year!

What can I say, what a year it has been… riding the wildest roller coaster we’ve ever seen! This is a time for reflection, introspection and yes a little bit of self analysis. I highly recommend you write it in your journal so you have your key distinctions, insights and ideas for years to come. […]

Profit Vampires

In a recent telemarketing campaign, we came across a string of ‘objections’ with ‘tell tale’ signs that are so BLATANT that we instructed the telemarketing agents to get OFF the phone as quickly as possible – because those people are VICTIMS and MARTYRS and can’t be helped. The tell-tale signs are: “I don’t have time.” […]

Stock Market Meltdown: Turning Paper Losses Into Cash Profits

This is NOT investment advice, but many people are asking me what exponentially minded investors are doing in these turbulent times… They are turning paper losses into cash profits. They are buying on the way down so that if their portfolios have ‘lost’ 10, 20 or even 30% on paper, they HOLD those unimpaired assets […]

Getting Better Results is actually easy… Plan on dying in 12 months

I was just online with someone who is in my Advanced Business Coaching System that delivers daily improvement distinctions to his inbox. An excerpt from our dialogue… You remind me of my spiritual teacher and what he tells us to do the first thing in the morning. If I did them all, it would then […]

The 2-Day Unlimited Power Event IS coming to Brisbane and Perth!

  YES! The 2-day Anthony Robbins Unlimited Power is making its way to Brisbane and Perth! Brisbane Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th June 2008 Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre Perth Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th June 2008   Perth Convention Centre  I’d like you to attend the event as my GUEST. You can even bring […]

Dr Marc Dussault to Speak at Unlimited Power Event in Sydney

This is a quick message to let you know what I’ll be presenting at this weekend’s Unlimited Power Event in Sydney. If you want to out-smart your competition, achieve more with less effort, double your sales or triple your profits online, offline or BOTH, you’ll find the content and tips I will be covering literally […]

An Exponential Mindset is not just about making money

You have to listen to this 12-year old Canadian girl who epitomises the Exponential Mindset. We have to start leveraging our Exponential Potential to start solving these problems. Let me know if you have any ideas. Onward and upward! Marc P.S. Thank you to Frank Marinko who sent this to me. It’s amazing what people […]

Dr Marc Dussault to Speak at Unlimited Power Event in Melbourne

  CONGRATULATIONS! Back in 2007 and the start of 2008 you had made a conscious decision to take control of your life. It’s this level of determination that only a handful of individuals are ready to make. You’re one of them and hopefully your life has improved from then on. But here’s the thing. Rome […]