Customer Service 101

I have to admit this is one of my pet peeves… People not answering their emails. Here’s the thing – I’ve done an informal analysis and I can make this claim with absolute anecdotal certainty. Your success in business is directly proportional to your responsiveness, follow-up and follow-through of your emails. I can without a doubt, pin-point a struggling business person or entrepreneur when it takes them DAYS to respond to an email. Of course notwithstanding annual leave or illness.

I mean it – Anyone that I know who is struggling financially or professionally (and I don’t know that many) EVERY SINGLE ONE has appalling email communication skills.

There, I said it.

Now I feel better. But y’know what? It doesn’t matter that you tell these people that in 2010 it’s unacceptable that they take 3, 4, 5 or more days to respond to a PERSONAL – non mass broadcast email.


They are completely and totally obsolete – they just don’t know it yet.

Their suspects, prospects and clients know it – they are dealing with other more RESPONSIVE companies.

I know I am.

I have ‘left’ at least 3 unresponsive companies/suppliers since the beginning of this year alone. Not because they can’t offer the product or service, but because they can’t and won’t respond quickly enough.

These dinosaurs have no idea that EXTINCTION is around the corner…

Here’s the thing – let’s put them out of their misery more quickly — QUIT USING ANYONE WHO DOESN’T RESPOND QUICKLY ENOUGH AND REWARD THE GO GETTERS WITH MORE WORK!

I know that’s what I’m doing and that’s what I am suggesting my clients do – to get BETTER results, in today’s inter-connected world and economy, it’s a MUST.

If you don’t know how to get through all your emails – you need to join my Platinum Program. I have already revealed at least 10 email management tips on my various blogs over the past 2-3 years… If those haven’t worked – you need hands-on assistance!

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