Delving Into Derelict Offices: Bargain Or Bust?

More people are now starting enterprise at their kitchen tables or in home offices. It’s a blessing of the modern age which means you don’t need a fortune to start something new. The trouble is, the time will come when these meager beginnings are no longer enough to sustain you. At some stage, you’ll need to consider employees, and provide somewhere for them to work, too. When this time comes, you’ll need to kiss goodbye to working at home.

You’re then left with two choices. You could either rent a commercial space or buy one. A rental is a tempting option, as it ensures a commercial space for little money. The downside is that it could end up costing you more over time. Buying an office, however, means you can secure your commercial future in one payment.

The issue is, you don’t have much behind you right now. Those swanky new office blocks are so far out of your price range it’s funny. But, that doesn’t mean buying needs to be off your cards. If you couldn’t afford your dream home, you would buy a fixer-upper, right? Lucky for you, there are plenty of derelict offices out there waiting for a little love and attention. Even better, the majority of them have reasonable price tags. Before you get carried away, though, you will need to consider the following to ensure this is the option for you.

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Is the structure sound?

When viewing properties like this, always ask yourself whether the structure is sound. You can cover a whole load of sins with decent interior design, but you can’t paint over structural issues. Look out for any signs of damage here during your viewing. If you’re keen to go ahead, you would even benefit from getting an outside company to do a structural survey. That way, you can make sure you aren’t wasting money on a building which will never serve your needs.

Are utilities possible?

When an office has been out of action for long enough, things like water and gas are usually cut off. In this instance, you’ll need to phone the necessary utility companies. In the best case scenario, those companies will be able to flip the switch to get things going again. Even if no providers are associated to that office as it stands, an easement survey from a company like could show you whether a utility company can gain access later. If neither of these options are viable, it may be best to strike that office off your list.

How much would renovation cost?

Think, too, about the cost of renovation. You may be saving on that initial purchase, but extreme work will still leave you out of pocket. You should head to sites like to estimate costs before putting an offer in. That way, you can be sure that your profits can cover getting started here. The last thing you want, after all, is a derelict office you can’t afford to spruce up.

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