Dinosaurs And Opportunities

Exponential Mindset Thinking takes balls – moneyballs… Watch this clip from the hit movie starring Brad Pitt.

Enough said. If you want to get a lot more done with a lot less time, money and effort, contact us and we’ll show you the EXPONENTIAL way to run your business that will have your competitors scrambling – literally.

This is a must watch movie (even though the book is much better) for anyone who wants to learn the principles of what I call Management By Metrics.  Billy Beane changed major league baseball by overcoming more than a century of tradition and the wrong approach to building a “winning” team.

I won’t give way the key distinction, only to say that your business, industry or profession might very well be in the same situation, in need of a discontinuous innovation that puts you in the leadership position.

Antimimeticisomorphism is definitely required, but without Management By Metrics, it’s all theory and no practice. Games are won on the field, in the real world – not in someone’s head.

Making things happen and STICKING to it until it plays itself out is the underlying message that without that level of conviction, belief and discipline, it’s just another incomplete experiment.

You don’t want to dabble – you want to COMMIT when you know it’s right.

Easier said than done, that’s why a great book was written and an enjoyable movie was made.

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  • Moneyball. A radical true story with questions and lessons relevant to whatever game you play. The following are some of the thoughts and feelings the movie either says or brings to mind for me.

    I’ve heard some say, sport it’s just games isn’t there something more important to do? Whether you like sport or not, from a business point of view, take another look, there is a lot that can be leveraged from what has worked in sport. Ever wanted to start a new craze, capture your audiences imagination, understand more about a winning mindset, team work and the measuring and making use of statistics in business, then wht works in sport has a lot we can adapt to business. Baseball and American Football have become so big, with big money in USA, why is that? Why have people been drawn to it in such numbers, and how can we use that? The final morphing of the game of baseball appears to have happened in USA and some feel it embodies an American dream of a home grown game and a shot at the top. To baseball players it’s not a game, its their job, passion, it’s their life. This captures the imagination of people and gives a sense of team, and of community in an audience who plays out their inner champion through their team doing battle with fair play and sportsmanship.

    Is this a game or are you playing for keeps?

    Is life a game? Would you like it to be? Would you like your work to be like play?

    Are you here to play or are you here to win, because we are here to win. If you are not here to win get out. If you are just along for the ride go be a spectator.

    That’s what loosing sounds like (crash and then silence).

    What’s your game? Are you even playing the right game? What are you here for?

    Do you want to be a player or a scout or what? If you never try you’ll never know.

    What’s the goal. For 100 years we’ve been asking the wrong questions? Are we here to buy players potential or are you here to buy outcomes.

    The first one through the wall is going to be bloodied.

    Don’t make decisions on what to do with your life based purely on how much it pays. Listen to your heart.

    Don’t make decisions on what results you are likely to get based on potential and intuition. Gather the objective facts of the play by plays results, without prejudice see what they tell you. Consider where statistics may be providing unbiased opportunity that has been undervalued and overlooked and leverage it.

    If you can’t buy a result in one piece, or one step can we recreate it on the aggregate results of combining the undervalued and discarded?

    Get over yourself and your intuition. None of our intuitions are reliable to determine the future outcomes of individuals and teams competing. It’s easy to get starry eyed on potential. Sure enjoy the appreciation, but get hungry like your career depends on it to study and measure objectively what works.

    Self confidence makes a difference. Help others build it.

    Potential and theory are one thing. The results that matter are the real life one’s when you’re under pressure and have curve balls coming at ya.

    How can I apply this to my business? How can I apply this to my life? What statistics and what measures should I be making. Give me the real play by plays.

    Your intuition and heart do matter. Where it matters is about meaning and purpose. It is about what you choose to do. It is about your intention for yourself and others. Play big, play ballsy, play full on, play to win, but hey you can check your ego at the door.

    There’s a budget, there’s tough decisions that must be made, sometimes quickly. Before you complain seek first to try to understand the choices and how you can work with them.

    What is truth but someone’s opinion. Truth is dynamic. If what used to work doesn’t work anymore, find what does work. Give me the facts (not the old truth version of it) and lets look at it anew.

    If what we are doing is not working, are we progressing towards winning or not. If not we are doing something wrong. We must be willing to make some tough choices.

    Adapt or die.

    If you are going to watch a movie to learn something, try out the intention to share and use it. Intend to write down some action points you are going to take from it and see what happens.

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