Double your SALES AGAIN!

If you forgot, I recently blogged about how you can double your sales… by working 120 hours/week. Once you’ve given that an honest go, you’ll want to give the reverse an equal effort – work LESS than 30 hours/week.

That’s right – Work ONLY 30 hours/week.

For most entrepreneurs that less than 50% of the time they spend working.

What do you think will happen?

First, you’ll have to pick WHAT to work on that is your HIGHEST AND BEST USE.

Second, you’ll have to PLAN AHEAD a lot more otherwise your business is going to go bust.

Third, you’ll have to delegate a HELLUVA lot more!

Fourth, you’ll have to find something to do for those 30+ hours/week you’re not working!

Try it for a week and see what happens. You’ll be shocked by the lessons learned!

Guess what? I speak from experience BECAUSE this is exactly what I had to do to get my MBA and Ph.D. on a full-time accelerated basis. I DOUBLED my sales, tripled my profitability WHILE I opened a second office in a distant city.

It CAN be done, but not without carefully planning and SUBSTANTIAL discipline.

Start with ONE week and see how you go – the lessons learnt will be priceless!

Of course if you share them with me via a blog post, I’ll share a few more insights with you…

If you’re a little confused about whether or not you should work MORE or LESS to double your sales – I am advocating you DO BOTH. Each one will TEACH you something DIFFERENT – LESSONS you need to learn…

Of course not many people do this – that’s why the TOP of the pyramid of success is so narrow!

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