Exponential Sales Closing Techniques


The YouTube videos in this blog post necessarily include profanity. Please do NOT view them if you have an aversion to the F-word or S-Word. I consider it necessary for the profanity to remain for the FULL IMPACT AND LESSONS to be experienced.

These videos are part of the Business Mastery Platinum Program Curriculum as we teach exponential self-selection and call to action sales techniques to convert 200%, 300% and sometimes even 500% more sales WITH the SAME CLIENTS they’ve been dealing with all along.


These videos are excerpts from Major Hollywood Block Buster Movies – I am NOT endorsing the companies or the sales people and their ethics – I think it’s blatantly obvious that these are EXTREMES that are created to tantalise and sensationalise movie goers.

The LESSONS HOWEVER, when used in ethically and morally correct ways are PRICELESS.

Video #1: Exponential Self-Selection

Video #2:Ultimate Closing Techniques 1/2

Video #3: Ultimate Closing Techniques 2/2

In the Business Mastery Platinum Program, we spend HOURS and HOURS dissecting the LESSONS of videos like these to give Members the skills and aptitudes to rise above the ‘average’ results that are getting harder and harder to achieve as the recession hits.

There is NO question that the next 12 months will reward the BEST SALESPEOPLE.

The skills in these three videos, when used ethically are the cornerstone to exponential growth.

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


Business Mastery Platinum Members have the maturity, vision and foresight to extract the lessons from sources such as this one. They understand the ‘ABC Concept’….

“Always Be Closing”

If you are not always closing, your competitor will be – it’s that simple.

With that in mind, we also teach our Business Mastery Platinum Members how to deal with ethical issues, integrity, social and environmental responsibility. In fact, as a group, our Platinum Members contribute twice as much to societal and communal goals with less than half the carbon footprint of their peers.

So there you go – in case you thought we were breeding a pack of Gordon Geckos.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

We teach all our Platinum Members a concept I call Voluntary Simplexity™ whereby consumption and commercialism is REDUCED substantially to re-gain balance and harmony with one’s life purpose. This promotes inner serenity, calm and tranquility WITHOUT compromising profitability.

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