FREE Marketing Tactics

Want FREE Marketing? Try one of one of these 46 ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ tactics…

  1. They post signs in places where there is high visibility and no cost:
  2. In front of their own business
  3. In front of neighboring businesses
  4. Train and Bus stations
  5. School offices
  6. Senior recreational facilities and retirement homes
  7. College dormitories — in the community area, hallways and bathrooms
  8. School Clubs
  9. Churches
  10. Other local community clubs and organizations
  11. Apartment buildings — in laundry rooms and bulletin boards
  12. Community activity centers
  13. Grocery stores – local corner stores are the best
  14. Shopping malls – Local strip malls are ideal for the niche marketer
  15. Car washes
  16. Laundromats
  17. Condominium complex party centers
  18. Hotel and motel lobbies
  19. Utility poles – check council ordinance to make sure you’re ‘allowed’ to do this one
  20. Counters of public places
  21. Meeting convention centers and rooms
  22. Construction walls
  23. Libraries
  24. Union halls
  25. Chambers of commerce
  26. Medical or professional offices
  27. Roller rinks and bowling alleys
  28. Waiting rooms at auto repair and tire shops
  29. Liquor and convenience stores
  30. Company bulletin boards of friends and family
  31. Tourist information centers
  32. Highway rest stops
  33. Factories
  34. Their cars — featuring a compelling sign, parked in a conspicuous place
  35. On the fences outside a construction site
  36. College and high school newspapers and yearbooks (might not be free, but are ‘almost free’)
  37. Classified services on the World Wide Web — many are free
  38. Classified services on commercial online services — many are free
  39. Local entertainment and tourist magazines
  40. Community group and association newsletters
  41. Small, local newspapers
  42. Chamber of Commerce publications
  43. Radio talk shows — by appearing as a guest or calling in (I did this, and created a product with the recording = $$$!)
  44. A lingerie store owner stenciled small messages onto the sidewalks of New York, with provocative sayings like, “From here it looks like you could use some new underwear.”
  45. Project your brand or USP at night onto the side of a building.
  46. On your voice-mail message, but please keep it brief!

There you go – FREE Marketing Tips to get your business going and growing — Exponentially!

Onward and upward!


Other FREE Marketing Strategies and Tactics include:

  1. Send me a case study example and I’ll publish a blog post and put you and your business in front of thousands for FREE
  2. Ask for referrals from your existing clients
  3. Go to my Internet Mastery Blog to see FREE Internet strategies!
  4. Add your ideas as a comment on this blog!

This list was compiled from an e-mail I received from the original Guerrilla Marketer – Jay Conrad Levinson. If you haven’t read any of his books – get your hands on at least one of them over the holidays… They are a MUST read!

2 Responses to “FREE Marketing Tactics”

  • Hi Marc
    I will add a few more for the benefits of your viewers –

    This is not quite free, but its very inexpensive – take a jpeg of your logo, name etc to local photo shop and have it placed on mousepads, stubbie holders and t-shirts/cap – give them away, its permanent advertising

    Create a media release for local media – remember to create a story of interest which just happens to include a quote from you about how your service can help address the issue in the story. If you make it blatent advertising it wont get published. Best time to send to local paper – Sunday evening, when they are looking for something to print on Tuesday (a quiet day).

    Place a form on your front counter asking for contact details of customers – offer to place into monthly draw for small prize – this builds your database for direct marketing. Dont forget to include tick box seeking permission to send info to them.

    Give away a ‘free tips’ sheet with your logo etc on it. Even change the ‘special offer’ on the tip sheet each month. If you sell cars, tips on maintenance. If you rent DVD’s, tips on maintaining DVD player etc.

  • Francesca Bollitieri

    This is the second time in a month I have run across the term “Guerrilla Marketing”. The first time was from a freelance web designer. I have the website by the originator of the concept bookmarked for future reference. No need to be fancy to get the word out, is there? My favorite technique is giving my business card to anyone and everyone I make contact with, as well as asking the ownership of the places I do business with if I may leave a supply of my cards in a prominent place, and asking them if I may have a supply of their business cards so I can pass them along to others I meet along the way.

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