Fun Product Packaging Ideas For A Successful Launch


One of the most fun parts of the Apprentice to watch is when they have to come up with a new product and create fun packaging for it to sell to retailers. A lot of us have probably say there in or living rooms thinking that we could do much better, and a lot of the time we probably could.

That’s why today we are delving into the world of product packaging as we take a look at some of the wackiest ideas to make your product stand out from the crowd.

The box

A box is a box. It can be painted, doodled on, labelled with Product Labeling Services and even left alone. If you want a simple and iconic piece of product packaging this year a box might just be the best idea you have. Especially if you add no labels on the outside and paint it black… the mystery can be fun!

The sachet

If boxes are a little bit too boring for you, you don’t have to stick to it. You can instead think about creating a small sachet which your product can be placed inside and this can be labelled and decorated with something bold and fun!

Nothing at all

With the world being much more conscious than it once was able plastic, the best option for you to use might actually be the nothing approach. This can include a small label pinned to the item and nothing more or less than that.


If you have a brand which is into art, and you enjoy selling items as gifts to people all over the world then this next idea is great for you. You can hire local artists every month to create a product packaging design for you in their own unique style and then you can sell your product in beautiful boxes and bags. Birchbox does this and it works beautifully.

1 colour to rule them all

A lot of product packaging is full of colour and patterns and it can be a great way to grab the attention of the consumer, however it is also something which can distract from the elegance of a piece. Instead, why not choose a 1 colour box such as a brand like Apple would do, and work from there.

Tell a story

A product could be even more fun if you share some of the story behind it within the packaging itself. For example you should shape your packaging like a book and this could allow you to literally tell your story as the customer opens up the packaging to see their product. It is a fun touch and will add some personality.

Recycle it

There’s nothing better than being good for the environment and you can use a mashup of materials such as boxes from different items and old newspapers to wrap up your product and show that you care.

The wine bottle

A wine bottle shape does not only have to contain that wonderful nectar, It can also be the home of a whole host of things. You could have showergel, sweets, chocolates, and even makeup products in a wine shaped case for fun.

Dare or be square

Square is the standard shape for any product packaging but seeing box after box can be a little boring on the shelf. Why not mix it up a little with a hexagon or a triangle shape and this can make your product immediately stand out from all of the others on the shelf.

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