Geelong’s Gym Fabulous Fun Foto!

Whenever you do something within your business, you should take advantage of turning it into a FUN activity and then leveraging it as a marketing tool – like Geelong’s Gym did recently when they put up their new sign as part of their corporate facelift and branding makeover. They got their staff up on the scaffolding and turned it into a fabulous fun foto opportunity!

Geelong's Gym Puts Up New Sign!

Geelong's Gym Puts Up New Sign!

The key is to have FUN and capturing that on ‘FILM’…

Geelong's Gym Reveals New Sign!

Geelong's Gym Puts Up New Sign!

It’s worth hiring a professional photographer to get it right. You want to capture the emotion, fun and enthusiasm of the event…

What do you have coming up that you can turn into a Fun Foto opportunity?

2 Responses to “Geelong’s Gym Fabulous Fun Foto!”

  • Hi Marc and Gerard,

    I am the Quality Manager for a HACCP Certified gourmet meat and providore shop in Camberwell, Melbourne called Carl’s Culinary Cuts and we will definately be taking your exponential advise onboard as we are in the process of finalising our logo and making significant changes to the exterior of the shop. There will definately be some before and after photos that we will share with you. Colours, logo, staff all look great. Keep up the great work,

    Eat well. Eat safe!

    Gavin Buckett

  • Wow that is a great pic of Geelong’s Gym, looks like everyone had a great tim and a tonne of fun doing it too! just look at the smiles on their faces.

    the new signage looks bright, vibrant and energetic too

    Sam Kritsotakis
    Eskae Jeweller

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