Getting Better Results is actually easy… Plan on dying in 12 months

I was just online with someone who is in my Advanced Business Coaching System that delivers daily improvement distinctions to his inbox.

An excerpt from our dialogue…

You remind me of my spiritual teacher and what he tells us to do the first thing in the morning. If I did them all, it would then be time to go back to bed.

Which is both interesting and totally true.

The GOAL is to ‘cherry pick’ the best of the suggestions and APPLY them, as my fellow Exponential Mindset Enthusiast™ explains he is doing to dramatically improve his professional and personal results.

The reason I am posting this dialogue is because once again it’s obvious to me and my colleague that improvement is within everyone’s reach yet so few actually make those changes…

Instead, they wait and expect a ‘big bang’ quantum change to happen and are disappointed, dismayed and discouraged when it doesn’t happen.

All along, the results they wanted, wished for and dreamed about were right there, in front of them WAITING FOR THEM TO REACH OUT AND CLAIM THEM.

One of the KEY questions I ask myself (every January 1) is

If I KNEW I WOULD DIE in 12 months from today, how would I live my life differently?

A few years ago, I asked myself this question and realised that if this actually happened, I would be spending the last few months of my life cleaning up loose ends.

How terrible is that?

So I got life insurance. Got a living will. Established a protocol for Guardianship and Power of Attorney. Formalised my Will and testament, setup Trusts, etc.

Now I was ready to die.

But the funny thing was it gave me even MORE drive to live longer and BETTER.

It takes a LOT of effort to think about dying and tying up loose ends, but it cathartic and very enlightening. I let go of several toxic issues once and for all and let everyone close to me know how special they WERE and ARE to me.

In some cases tears were shed in others long hugs that lasted longer than ever before.

Some inaccuracies were corrected and in some instances blame was accepted instead of deflected. More often than not, the facts and/or perceptions had been quite different and once reconciled left us both with much BETTER MEMORIES of what ‘happened’… Imagine that – ending up with BETTER memories!

What does this have to do with GROWING YOUR BUSINESS?

If you ask yourself the question:

If I KNEW I WOULD DIE in 12 months from today, how would I live my life differently?

You actually can’t focus on GROWING YOUR BUSINESS if your brain/mind/soul is focused on tying up loose ends can it?

Think about it really seriously — I did and I have to say it completely changed my perspective.

Once my loose ends were tied up, I ended up thinking about WHAT I wanted to do as well as WHAT I NO LONGER WANTED TO DO… if in fact these were my last 12 months on the planet.

That meant I had to change my business model several times, which I did.

If you’ve been around me for the past few years, you’ve seen the transformations from Jay Abraham Asia Pacific, to Empowernet and now Platinum Programs.

The revolutions and the transitions have all occurred BY DESIGN – not by default.

I urge you to start living a life of revolution by design rather than evolution by default to avoid extinction by stagnation.

It all starts 1% at a time.

I know this is going to sound self-serving, but if you haven’t yet purchased a product from me, when would NOW be a good time to make that 1% improvement?

I have products as low as $27, $47 and $97

They are specifically designed to TRANSITION YOUR REVOLUTION BY DESIGN.

Join me and my fellow Exponential Mindset Enthusiasts™ as we focus on the 1% improvement that creates extra-ordinary results so that if indeed this is our last year on this earth, it’s the best ever!

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Thinking about dying is an antimimeticisomorphic way of looking at growing your business.

It’s not for everyone.

Neither are extra-ordinary results.

That’s why they are called EXTRA-ordinary – they are NOT ordinary.

Give that some thought as the revelations and epiphanies can be be quite eye-opening, in some cases, life-changing.

I became much more relaxed and serene about my life, my destiny and my ambitions in a way that was totally new for me at the time.

I was ready to let go of the past and see the future in a completely different ‘light’.

Anthony Robbins says it all the time “The past does not equal the future”.

But that doesn’t mean much unless you can put the past behind you and face the future with new bewilderment, excitement and child-like enthusiasm.

For me, ‘facing death’ made me want to live more and live better.

Give it a go and let me know if you uncover any additional distinctions – I’d love to hear them!

2 Responses to “Getting Better Results is actually easy… Plan on dying in 12 months”

  • Hi Marc,

    I love that question: “If I KNEW I WOULD DIE in 12 months from today, how would I live my life differently?”. How powerful would it be to ask that question EVERY year? The results could only be exponential. Perhaps experimenting with the timeframe (“if I knew I would die today / this week / this month…”) would yield some interesting changes in focus and RESULTS as well.

  • Hi Marc,

    An OUTSTANDING post! When one needs to really focus, then the question of “IF I KNEW I WOULD DIE IN 12 MONTHS FROM TODAY” does the trick!

    Often, we are distracted by people, events, and things that are outside of control. And when we do we are wasting our lifeblood that is our time.

    Asking such question puts a new perspective on what is important to us and our loved ones. Saying it differently, we focus on the 20% that will deliver 80% of value to us.

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