Grow sales with clear communication

If you want to grow your sales, you need to improve and enhance the clarity of your communications. One quick and easy way is to define what you mean when you use terms and definitions. For example, I explain all my exponential syntax, vocabulary and business definitions on a special page on this blog. I am constantly updating and revising it. If anyone needs clarification, I can cut and paste the URL in an email and instantly everything makes sense.

If something is still unclear, I can revise and update that particular definition, quickly and easily. Of course this has substantial SEO value, but that is a topic for my Internet Mastery Blog!

By having this tool, I can choose to use it whenever there is doubt or the need to reinforce a point of distinction.

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  • I agree that communication is essential for business success, but I would never have thought that the terms and conditions would be such an integral part of that. Of course, you are right. People need to know what they are agreeing to, and it is up to me to make sure they understand what I mean and am promising. Good thoughts. Good thoughts!

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