How To Brand Your Company 3 of 4

I recently recorded a 1-hour Momentum MasterMind Session for our Business Mastery Platinum Program Members called “Bland to Brand”. It was a powerful session that highlighted the 8 mistakes people make naming their business and the 19 Steps to Naming Your Business. If you’d like to get your hands on this program, give us a call.

Part of the discussion involved the persona that we create within the branding exercise…

I was accepting invitations from people to link to me on and was amazed at the wide variety of photos people have on their profiles… I am not sure if they know what it does for or against them.

You be the judge.

Which one is the IT Specialist?

The point here is image and persona… What do you want to be SEEN and PERCEIVED AS?

When you post your photo online, that is the image people have of you – clients and future employers…

Make sure your ‘Persona’ matches your brand and positioning.

The reason I point this out is because some people who get into Exponential Marketing overlook this fundamental truth and start to create very effective marketing strategies that uncover and expose an incongruent persona that prospects knowingly and often unknowingly feel uncomfortable with.

It’s called cognitive dissonance – I will talk about this in a few weeks because it’s an important distinction on its own, but for today, it’s all about YOU and YOUR PERSONA.

Make sure it’s congruent and the one you want people to have of you and your company. This is especially important if you’re a sole trader, consultant or professional and the two are inter-twined.

Wondering which one is the IT specialist? The lovely lady in the middle.

Go figure, please excuse the pun.

It’s a beautiful photo, but not quite sure the message is consistent with the industry’s expectations.

Of course if her ‘Persona’ is such that she is an extra-ordinary ‘stand out above the crowd’ kind of person, then it can absolutely work, but there’s a risk to that positioning if the majority don’t see it that way.

The question is NOT if it’s right or wrong, but whether it’s backed up with the sufficient branding elements.

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