How To Get FREE Advertising AND Help People

Every once in a while a company thinks outside the square and does something out-of-the-ordinary and gets extra-ordinary results – that’s what the Exponential Mindset is all about. Today’s post is one such example how FedEx got MILLIONS of dollars of advertising for ‘FREE’ by being a good corporate citizen.

FedEx Prints Free Resumes

You can read the CNN article by clicking here —> FedEx Prints FREE Resumes – I heard about it on TV = FREE Advertising… Of course they have to actually PRINT the CVs, but the point is that chances are people will print MORE than 25 copies, they will appreciate the gesture and will COME BACK later.

It’s a win-win-win strategy. Totally Exponential and Brilliant!

What can YOU do to help people who are desperately looking for a job?

I am going to be launching a ‘job seekers’ package next week. It’ll be FREE and my GIFT to help people get back to work by finding a better job faster.

We ALL need people to get back to work!

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