How Unique Are You?

I originally introduced Gerard Spriet of Geelong’s Gym in Victoria to Wordle in a blog post on my Internet Mastery Blog. I thought I was pretty creative with it, creating a Wordle of Power Words from Anthony Robbins Firewalk Seminar… and then to get pumped up for New Year’s Resolutions… But I hade no idea Gerard would have an even better idea… He created one of his son’s classmates’ names and their teacher… WOW! Now that is truly exponential and creative!

That’s when I suggested he create one of all the members at his gym and then it dawned on me to do one of all of the clients, prospects and suspects in our database. Check out if your name is one of the 100 most popular names in our database. If your name does NOT come up, then your FIRST NAME is quite unique – at least LESS COMMON than the biggest names (most frequently found in our database). The size of the name represents the FREQUENCY of the name in the list…

Top 100 Most Common Names In The Exponential Programs Database

Top 100 Most Common Names In The Exponential Programs Database

Isn’t this fun? This is a typical example of Exponential Marketing at its best – you really, really should consider getting involved in our community and join us at an upcoming event. We have so much fun, you’d be surprised that AT THE SAME TIME, we’re growing businesses 100, 200 and 300% at a time.

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