Invaluable Tools For Business Automation

It’s impossible to say that automated business processes don’t save money, boost quality, or improve service delivery. On the whole, automating a company’s operations is the best thing a boss can do to guarantee success. Okay, there are zero promises in business, but the stats are encouraging to say the least. Firms are falling over themselves to make the transition, and they don’t do that for any reason. But, the people in charge have to be savvy and make sure they have the right tools. Otherwise, the revolution may not go as smooth as possible.

Here are four resources which are well worth considering.




This software is a digital marketing program which helps to automate a comprehensive plan. To get started, you upload images, videos and a corporate message. For the best results, make sure they all relate to the brand. What happens after is pretty cool. Needls, without any help, develops tricks to help everything from bounce rate on the site and SEO. It also deals with social media reporting. It that isn’t enough, it’s robot brain keeps track of Big Data thanks to the analytics feature. Another great tool is Spokal, which is very effective if you have a WordPress platform.


Nothing is as important as in-house communication. Team members that can’t speak and work seamlessly are bound to be less productive. Instant messaging apps may be helpful, but they too have flaws. Take email as an example. People can send free, instant messages, but inboxes tend to clog up as a result. Therefore, it’s hard for colleagues to keep informed of updates and breaking news. Slack streamlines communications by threading emails and making them visible throughout the office. That way, anyone with access can view and easily read memos without missing important info.



Excel VBA

It stands for Visual Basics for Applications, and it’s the process of improving functionality. Although cheats do exist, Microsoft Office still requires users to input data manually, which is boring and time-consuming. A quality Excel VBA programming tool can turn raw stats into an automatic process. So, rather than type all night, your employees can adjust the settings and let the software take over. Any oldies that can’t see the point in this should focus on human error. People get tired and lose concentration as they get bored. With a VBA, there’s no reason to compromise the figures.

99 Dollar Social

Let’s not forget about the importance of social media. For a business to be successful, they have to interact with their online base. Twitter and Facebook are two easy ways to do this thanks to their popularity and accessibility. Still, coming up with new, eye-catching hashtags and funny memes is tricky work when you are on a deadline. Wouldn’t it be better to leave it to a professional? Well, you can thanks to 99 Dollar Social as it automates all of these areas and more. Ultimately, you can give up worrying and get back to running a successful company.

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