Is Your Business Growing?

Sydney’s Private Jeweler, Sam Kritsotakis, recently opened his new Eskae Boutique in Mosman… The reason that’s newsworthy is because a lot of businesses are struggling, yet our clients are thriving and expanding.

The reason is simple. They are applying antimimeticisomorphism principles of Exponential Mindset Thinking – having fun, doing out–of-the-ordinary things that create extra-ordinary results with the least amount of effort and at the lowest cost.

If you’re not GROWING, you’re contracting.
There is no middle ground.

If you want to grow your business, isn’t it time you contacted us to get going and growing?

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  • Congratulations for Sam and everyone else starting new business but with the Marketing ideas that are taught through this program you can’t miss..I would have been a BILLIONAIRE if I new about these easy to learn marketing principles when I was younger..


  • I couldn’t agree more Marc,

    the popular wisdom is that manufacturing is dead in Australia, yet we have never been busier and recently added 3 more people to our team.

    Our clients are Australian Electronics Manufacturers and our services are Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development where we create the new Electronics Product designs they need to be competitive locally and Internationally, while still manufacturing their products in Australia. Talk about going against the trend.

    So how do we manage that?

    As this post points out, to get a different result, you have to do things differently. In our case, the difference is big enough that we have received national technical awards for our design methodology and were selected as Business of the Year by the City of Casey for our business results.

    We are definitely growing.

    Ray Keefe
    Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd
    Casey Business of the Year 2010
    Industrial Electronics Future Award Winner 2011
    Award Winning Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development

  • Hi Marc,

    A company can be profitable but sooner or later the business can fail if the cash flow is not managed efficiently since every business is exposed to financial management risks. Particularly with the GFC. Hastie Group is a good example of Business failure! Financially they had negative net profit, high gearing, and an estimated total debt in excess of $500M.

    The lack of transparency and the internal culture ultimately led to the now publicised “$20M Accounting irregularities” which have come to light and was the straw that broke the camel’s back. By the end, they were practically borrowing to fund there daily changing market conditions.

    Therefore, if you do not know where your cash is and if you have enough to invest or pay over debts at a moment, then you have a solvency problem and your company is likely to collapse.That is why Finpacific Treasury Systems,the sole distributor and service provider in Australia for Treasury Management Solutions from the World’s no 1 financial software company – Misys, provides a solid and reliable Treasury Management Solution called KTP in order to avoid this kind of catastrophe.

    Tatiana Chung
    Finpacific Pty Ltd

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