Let your RAS do the heavy lifting for you

First of all, your RAS is your Reticular Activation System. The way I train my most elite clients – Platinum Members, is with my Daily Distinctions that are part of my Advanced Business Coaching System that include a DAILY e-mail, every day of the year – WITH NO DAYS OFF.

The e-mails are designed for you to CHERRY PICK THE BEST and stick to 1% improvement every day – JUST THINKING about them is enough…

The Reticular Activation System does the rest – for example, I watch squash videos EVERY NIGHT before I compete to direct my RAS for the next day’s match.

I totally works – my choice of shots and movement MIMIC the videos I watched the night before – literally.

When I do this during training – my squash partners will ‘yell out’ the player’s name – each top player has a style/reputation: deception, kill shot, hard pace, lunge, drop shot, trick shot…

It’s really quite amazing and totally exponential. To make the quantum leap forward, contact us and join one of our programs – success is not just about making money – it’s also about having a lifestyle that truly inspires you and feeds your spirit.

I retired from the ‘rat race’ in 2005 and have designed my life and business around my core life values – I am living proof it can be done.

But here’s the thing – I have lived ALL my life this way – I have 5 university degrees, have traveled to more than 36 countries, have not had a sick day in the last 20 years, I’ve been with Monica enjoying 25 years of unconditional love and support, thankful that she is next to me each and every morning since we now travel everywhere together and oh yeah, I am a ‘top 20’ world-ranked squash player!

I say this not to impress you, but simply make the point that your DREAM can become your REALITY – you just have to TRUST the PROCESS that works  – it’s almost surreal and magical.

Anything the human mind mind can Conceive and Believe, it can Achieve – those are the ABC’s of success from none other than Dr Norman Vincent Peale – the grandfather of positive thinking.

Guess what? He was right!

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