Making Money From Street Food: Is It Really Possible?



As an entrepreneur, you are probably always on the lookout for a new and exciting project in which you can invest your cash. If you want to get involved in a current trend and are interested in the food industry, then thinking about starting an exciting street food project could be just the thing for you! Even if you don’t want to get your hands dirty and spend all day cooking on a market stall, it’s a really good idea to look into investing some of your money into an up and coming street food company.

But is it really possible to make some money from these street food stalls? It certainly is, you just need to remember these important factors.

Invest In Top-Quality Equipment

When your employees are out on the streets cooking up food, it is important that they can rely on their equipment. After all, if their cookers or truck break down half way through the day, then you will lose a half day’s worth of profits! Rather than buying equipment cheaply on eBay, you should look for specialist suppliers. Kickstart My Coffee Trikes are known for their coffee machinery, trikes, and small vans, and are highly regarded within the coffee industry. If you want to serve food rather than drinks, you’ll be able to find lots of other specialist street food truck manufacturers. It’s a good idea to ask other vendors for their recommendations.

It’s All About Location

Location really matters in this business. When you are deciding where to go with your stall or truck, you need to choose an area or street that will get lots of passing trade. This will greatly increase your daily sales. Once you start to get a good reputation, you will be able to place another truck in a location that doesn’t get as much passing trade. But, as long as people know you are there and they know that your food is good, they will go out of their way to visit you! But you really do need to build up an established reputation first.



Safety First

Your van or stand will be super important to your whole business. Without it, there is no way you can trade. So, it is absolutely necessary to ensure its security whenever it isn’t in use. The best way to keep your van safe is to store it in a garage overnight. You should be able to rent one out for a reasonable price in your local area.

Establish Good Relationships With Suppliers

Once you find a good supplier, it is a good idea to establish an excellent relationship with them. That way, you can work together for a very long time, and this will save you the hassle of continually trying to find a new, reasonably priced supplier for your ingredients. If your supplier is also well established, they might be able to give you a few handy hints and tips about the business too!

You can make money from street food – just bear in mind these useful tips!

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