Marketing Case Study: Value Proposition

This is a Kickstarter campaign for Strongbody apparel. A great example of presenting the product’s “value proposition” clearly and convincingly.


Thank you Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours for sending this through!

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  • Kickstarter is the original crowdfunding solution for getting new or enhanced products to market. What it also clearly shows is the need for a properly presented value proposition in order to have a successful campaign.

    In the case of this campaign, they have already reached their primary goal and are now running with stretch goals.

    Another client of ours used a successful Kickstarter campaign to validate their market concept and were then able to go on to raise a much more significant round of finance with that proof in place. So it isn’t a 1 size fits all game.

    Does it make you wonder what products you might be able to bring to market if you could pre-sell them like this?

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