Marketing Mistakes To Avoid – Hitler Billboard

What were they (not) thinking?!?
Hitler Billboard

Unfortunately most of the marketing mistakes people make are not this blatantly obvious.

I say unfortunately because if they are not obvious, then they are not recognised for the true blunders they are. These are silent killers that erode a company’s profits often to the complete ignorance of the business owner.

Ignorance is simply NOT KNOWING.

NOT KNOWING is no longer an excuse in this day and age of “Exponential Mindset Thinking” – It’s why MasterMind Groups were invented, work so well and are used by all super successful business people and the ultra wealthy.

You can’t be smarter than a group of your peers and you can’t outperform a group of your peers who are focused on your success…

It always baffles me when I hear and see people “going it alone” in business…


2 Responses to “Marketing Mistakes To Avoid – Hitler Billboard”

  • Another perfect example! Paddington Pups will make sure we don’t make one of these mistakes on our first billboard.

  • I agree – every time we put any marketing together for Nebo, we always get a number of people to run their eyes over it. It’s easy to miss something when you have been deeply involved the whole time – some fresh eyes often pick up things you missed.

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