Marketing Tip: What sells, what doesn’t

When I came across the article shown below, I just though there was a marketing lesson in there somewhere… Can you find it? Read the article and try to find the lesson, once you think you have it, click on the read more button.

Lady Gaga Covers

The marketing lesson is that branding and positioning is EVERYTHING. Each of these mega stars is a success in their own right, but one out-performs the other by orders of magnitude, not just because she’s extreme, but because she knows what people want and gives it to them, over and over and over again look at the list of magazines – that’s a broad range of demographic appeal, much wider than I would have thought would resonate with this approach.

So the lesson is…

Let the market tell you what it wants, then give it to them. Ass-u-me and you make an…

A valuable lesson.

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